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A sizeable share of Americans uses MasterCard credit cards on a regular basis. After Visa, it has the highest number of credit card holders in the United States. These two firms dominate the. Visa had a market cap of $450.265 billion. The company processes about 150 million Visa transactions per day or about 1,700 transactions per second. The Mastercard market cap was lower at $342.643 billion. The brand reported processing about 5,000 Mastercard transactions per second

Visa and Mastercard are the largest payment networks in the world. In the United States in 2017, Visa cards accounted for a whopping 53% of credit purchase volume, according to The Nilson Report, followed by Mastercard (22%), American Express (21%), and Discover (4%) There were 100 million Visa credit card holders in the United States in 2010 and this number was predicted to increase to 124 million in 2018

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The world market has billions more consumers than the United States, but the number of Visa cards in circulation does not reflect this. The main reason is that other credit companies, such as.. Users questions . Which is better Card Visa or MasterCard? 14.05.2021 Andrew Plan. 1 Which is better Card Visa or MasterCard? 2 How do you validate a credit card? 3 What day of month do credit cards expire? 4 Can I use an expired credit card online? 5 Can I still use my credit card the month it expires? 6 Does not activating a credit card hurt your credit? 7 What happens if you don't. The number of VISA credit cards in circulation in the USA was 336 million in 2018. (Source: Credit Cards) Worldwide, there are more than 1 billion VISA credit cards in circulation worldwide. Out of these, more than 300 million are in the USA alone and more than 700 million are outside the USA. 12. The number of MasterCard debit cards in circulation in the USA was 231 million in 2018. (Source. Wie sicher sind die Karten von Visa und Mastercard? Geht die Kreditkarte verloren oder wurde sie gestohlen, musst Du die Karte sperren. Am einfachsten geht das per Telefon über die Notfall-Nummer 116 116. Diese Nummer ist sowohl für Visa als auch für Mastercard gültig und im Inland kostenlos. Allerdings muss die jeweilige Bank auch bei der Notfall-Nummer eingetragen sein, nicht alle Banken machen mit. In diesem Fall musst Du Deine eigene Bank anrufen, wenn Du die Karte. Many users do not know that they need a MASTERCARD or VISA in order to pay outside of China, and those who do, do not know whether your website is outside of China. So in the world's largest e-commerce market, billions of users are paying online with a card that has only UnionPay logo, unfit for most international online transactions, everyday

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That means Visa could execute a transaction to a Mastercard user or a bank savings account, among other options. Earthport's network connects with local ACH systems in 88 countries, including the top 50 markets. It gives Visa access to 99% of bank accounts in those countries, up from about 50% access before Visa acquired Earthport, Chairman and CEO Alfred Kelly Jr. said on the company's third. Visa (285 million cards) and MasterCard (178 million) combined took in a little over $22 billion. The borders between the two business models have blurred slightly over the years So why not look at operating margins? The story is the same here - 53% for Mastercard vs 62% for Visa over the last 3 years (average). So are you really getting a better deal with Visa? Not so. Mit einer Kreditkarte von Visa und Mastercard können Kunden weltweit bargeldlos bezahlen und Bargeld an Gelautomaten abheben. Außerdem verfügen Karten von Visa und Mastercard über die NFC-Technologie (Near Field Communication), die ein kontaktloses Bezahlen in Geschäften ermöglicht. Das Bezahlen von Online-Einkäufen, Hotel-, Flug- oder Mietwagen-Buchungen ist mit Kreditkarten von beiden Anbietern möglich. Ausgenommen sind die Prepaid-Kreditkarten der Anbieter. Bei den.

Visa vs. Mastercard. Visa and Mastercard are the world's most popular credit card payment processors, beating out their closest competitors, American Express and Discover. Most people won't find significant differences between these two options, but for some lifestyles the choice between Visa and Mastercard might make or break a vacation. Payment processing networks don't have anything. Auch bei Abhebungen am Geldautomaten gibt es keinen Unterschied zwischen Visa und Mastercard Kreditkarten. Deshalb lohnt es sich definitiv nicht, sich wegen der Akzeptanz entweder für den einen oder den anderen Anbieter zu entscheiden. Visa und Mastercard sind in puncto Akzeptanz schlichtweg positiv vergleichbar. Zudem nimmt die Zahl der Akzeptanzstellen, nicht zu letzt in Deutschland, bei beiden Händlern gleichermaßen zu. Üblicherweise geben die Händler dabei auch immer gleichzeitig. In 2015, while VISA outnumbered MasterCard in debit cards, amounting to over 95 million cards in issue; MasterCard outnumbered VISA in Credit/charge cards, with over 38 million cards in issue...

1. MasterCard was founded in 1966, while Visa was founded in 1970. 2. MasterCard's headquarters is based in New York, while Visa has its main location in San Francisco, California. 3. MasterCard offers rewards schemes, and is a universally accepted card, while Visa also offers points for making purchases, and is a globally-recognized form of payment UnionPay has been the leader in total number of cards since 2010, and in 2015 it also took the lead from Visa for total payment volume as well. Mastercard follows in third place, and together these three companies account for 80% of all cards on Earth. UnionPay's success is limited to China for the most part, with Visa and Mastercard dominant around the rest of the world. There are over 14.

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Mastercard arguably has better secured and student credit cards, such as the Capital One® Secured Mastercard®. Cashback cards. Visa offers more cards with 1.5% flat-rate cash back. However, the Citi® Double Cash Card offers 1% cash back on all purchases, and another 1% as you pay them off When you receive a Visa or MasterCard credit card, you get it from a bank such as Chase, WellsFargo or other organizations. This is in contrast to how cards such as Discover and American Express work. These companies operate payment networks, but they also sometimes issue cards directly. One benefit of the way Visa and MasterCard work is that they are able to foster much wider acceptance than. Credit card users make a mind-boggling number of daily transactions every year. The figures are astounding, whether you're looking at what's happening in the United States or in countries across the globe. Credit card payments in 2018 totaled $44.7 billion in the U.S. alone, according to The 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study. The speed at which these transactions process is awe-inspiring.

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Unterschied Visa oder MasterCard 2021 » Diese Kreditkarte ist besser! Karte mit höherer Akzeptanz Unterschiede bei Sicherheit! Jetzt informieren VISA vs. Mastercard: Unterschiede bei der Akzeptanz. Das wichtigste Kriterium für Verbraucher ist sicher die Akzeptanz. Insbesondere bei Auslandsreisen ist es wichtig, dass eine möglichst flächendeckende Versorgung mit Bargeld möglich ist. Zudem sollte natürlich auch das Bezahlen in vielen Geschäften möglich sein. Welcher Anbieter schneidet bei diesem Punkt besser ab? In Deutschland. Look to see if the first digit of the 16-digit credit card number is 4. If so, it is a Visa credit card. Step 2 If the first two digits of the card number are 51 or 55, it is a MasterCard credit card. Step 3 If the credit card number is 15 digits with the first two digits being 34 or 37, it is an American Express card. Step 4 If the credit card number begins with 6011, it is a Discover credit. Visa & Mastercard have recently updated their dispute processes. With the number of disputes expected to increase, Mastercard and Visa felt that the time was right to revamp their dispute resolution programs, explained Baldwin. For Visa, the new system is called Visa Claims Resolution, also known as VISA VCR, while Mastercard's new system is the MasterCom Claims Manager, also called.

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The Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy by@carlosdomingo. The Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy . Originally published by Carlos Domingo on November 20th 2017 21,100 reads @carlosdomingoCarlos Domingo . Last week, I got a Twitter alert about the following amusing reply of Andreas M. Antonopoulos to a yet another tweet complaining about the energy consumption of the. Mastercard credit cards offer benefits packages labeled Standard, World and World Elite. But the most important features aren't set by Mastercard at all

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  1. g Payment Transactions in Select Regions and Introduction of New Mastercard Ga
  2. As of June 2, 2021, Mastercard has a market capitalization of $363.6 billion. But for all the investor hype, end users seem equally satisfied. The seamlessness with which you make a Mastercard.
  3. Der Unterschied Visa Card und MasterCard die Zahl der Akzeptanzrate betreffend gleicht sich den Zahlen entsprechend zunehmend. Ein deutlicher Unterschied allerdings zeigt sich mit Blick auf die Geschäftszahlen aus den Jahren 2014. Hier erreichte der Anbieter MasterCard einen Jahresumsatz in Höhe von 9,4 Milliarden US-Dollar, wobei der Gewinn bei etwa 3,6 Milliarden USD lag. Der große.
  4. os y las condiciones de los contratos con los clientes ya sabes: las tasas de interés.
  5. You can see how these two worldwide card networks compare in key categories from WalletHub's Visa vs. Mastercard review. Key Visa Credit Card Stats. Visa Credit Card Acceptance Locations: 10.7 million ; Visa Credit Cards in Circulation: 344.7 million; Visa Credit Card Users: 123.8 million; Visa Credit Card Purchase Volume: $1.549 billion; Average Visa Credit Card Purchase Amount: $81.

Mastercard's average credit card purchase amount was $89. Outstanding debt on Mastercard and Visa credit cards combined grew 4.8% to $780.65 billion as of December 31, 2018. Mastercard issuers. The differences between Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. From processing to issuing, we break it all down. Dori Zinn. Aug. 18, 2020 12:52 p.m. PT. Listen - 03:21. Sarah Tew. Mit Mastercard® Identity Check™ sicher online shoppen und von zahlreichen Vorteilen profitieren So we will not be number 3 anymore behind Visa and Mastercard. We will pip one of them to become number 2. I don't see a reason why we should not be Number 1 in couple of years, in both value and volume, Dilip Asbe, chief executive at National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which runs RuPay, said in April. PM Modi's drive for a less-cash economy in the wake of demonetisation has.

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  1. Sie haben Fragen zu Mastercard, Ihrem Kartenkonto oder den kartenspezifischen Leistungen und Bestimmungen? Erfahren Sie hier Ihre Möglichkeiten zur Kontaktaufnahme
  2. Visa vs. Mastercard: Which is better? That's not necessarily an easy question to answer. Both credit card networks offer wide acceptance and competitive benefits, but let's try to break it down a bit. Acceptance. There may be a few significant differences between Visa and Mastercard, but acceptance isn't one of them. Both cards are widely accepted in the U.S. and in more than 200.
  3. Visa Inc. (/ ˈ v iː z ə, ˈ v iː s ə /; stylized as VISA) is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Foster City, California, United States. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. Visa is one of the world's most valuable companies
  4. Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are fundamental to payments. They identify the issuing institution for each cardholder account and enable transactions to be properly routed. BINs are currently the first six digits of the account number. Since the 1960s, Mastercard has been closely identified with the 51-55 BIN range. Who governs BINs
  5. Hier finden Sie unsere gebührenfreien Visa Telefonnummern, über die Sie uns bei Fragen kontaktieren können. Der Visa Kundenservice steht Ihnen rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung
  6. Immer mehr Verbraucher entscheiden sich für die Anschaffung einer Kreditkarte. Bestellungen, beispielsweise über das Internet, lassen sich mit einer Kreditkarte unkompliziert abwickeln, ebenso Reisebuchungen und während der Urlaubsreise dient sie in immer mehr Ländern als gängiges Zahlungsmittel. Hat man sich aus der großen Auswahl angebotener Karten für eine Visa-Kart

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  1. You may be asked for your card number, expiry date and 3-digit secure code (on back of your card), when making an online purchase or telephone order, but you should never divulge your PIN. Contact your bank if you think you've been phished. And as a safety precaution, it's a good idea to register your cards for transaction alerts so you'll be alerted of unauthorised transactions. Learn.
  2. The Fake Visa Card Numbers 100% valid and comply with all credit card rules, but not real. 2. The fake Visa Card number in this website are purely for testing purposes. 3. Do not send money to these fake credit card numbers. And you cannot use these fake credit card numbers for illegal purposes. Visa Bank Visa - CartaSi Banco di Sardegna (Italy.
  3. All the MasterCard Credit Cards numbers that you produce using this page are 100% valid except for the personal details like names, house address, expiry date and the 3 digit CVV number. They are random and we don't consider them valid. Thus, to some extent, they are real MasterCard number & of course, our MasterCard Credit Card generator is also real

Visa and MasterCard have long been the dominant providers of payment networks for credit and debit card services, collecting licensing fees from retailers and banks as well as from users in some. Visa Debit / Cartes Bancaires: FR: 03/2030: 737: 4360 0000 0100 0005: Cartes Bancaires: FR: 03/2030: 737: China UnionPay. ExpressPay Credit Card (cup) Card Number Expiry Date CVC Issuing Country; 8171 9999 2766 0000: 10/2030: 737: CN: 8171 9999 0000 0000 021: 10/2030: 737: CN: 6243 0300 0000 0001: 12/2029: 737: CN: SecurePay Credit Card (unionpay) Card Number Expiry Date CVN2 SMS on PC SMS on. This section only applies to enviro Classic* Visa*, enviro Gold Visa cards, enviro Visa Infinite* card, and enviro Visa Infinite Privilege* card for personal use. If you have an enviro ExpenseGold Visa or enviro Expense Classic Visa card, you'll need to know who Account Administrators and Authorized Users are for our business use cards.. Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users of enviro.

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  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum vs Visa and PayPal - Transactions per second. Jan Vermeulen 22 April 2017. Subscribe . One of the big debates happening in the Bitcoin community is over the specification of.
  2. Visa/MasterCard. Rupay is 100% Indian system. Visa/MasterCard are international systems. Lower transaction charges compared to Visa/MasterCard. It has higher transaction charges than Rupay Debit Card. Banks don't have to pay any fees to enter into the network. Banks have to pay fees to join the network
  3. imal UMR atau juga bisa dengan jumlah Rp50 juta per tahunnya. - Mastercard Gold . Mastercard Gold memiliki batas kredit hingga Rp100 juta. Selain limitnya yang tinggi, pengguna jangan.
  4. Visa Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa) is Visa's program that governs Visa transactions using the 3-D Secure standard. The program provides the rules and policies merchants and issuers must follow to invoke authentication for eCommerce transactions, enabling verification of the cardholder's identity before the transaction is sent for authorization

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  1. There are 2.5 billion Visa-branded cards floating around the world in more than 200 countries as of September 2015. In sharp contrast, Diners Club has a less than 1% market share worldwide. They have more than 70 million cardholders in 185 countries around the world, much fewer than Visa's 2.5 billion
  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about SoFi Money's transition from Visa® to World Debit Mastercard ®
  3. g feature to which will.
  4. Visa Click to Pay is Visa's online checkout experience built on the latest ecommerce industry specifications - EMV Secure Remote Commerce. To make a purchase, you'll no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords or fill out long forms. To enjoy this easy, smart and secure online checkout experience simply.
  5. A lot of these users have even shared the wonders of the said app with their family and friends, thus resulting in more users. At the end of 2020, the number of registered GCash users has grown to over 33 million. This is 65% higher compared to its 20 million users back in 2019.[2] Meanwhile, PayMaya ended... The post [Battle of the Brands] PayMaya vs GCash: Which Mobile Wallet App is Right.

Visa supports the PSD2 requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and Visa's 3D-Secure (3DS) programme supports PSPs to be PSD2 compliant. 3DS, along with our new products, programs and positions that are outlined in this paper, are in line with Visa's visio Visa Debit kann nicht nur alles, was die Bankkarte kann, darüber hinaus geht das Bezahlen auch online und weltweit. Visa Debit wird in über 200 Ländern und Regionen bei mehr als 70 Millionen Händlern akzeptiert - überall dort, wo das Bezahlen mit Visa möglich ist. Die Visa Debit kann einfach und schnell in Apps auf dem Handy oder der Smartwatch hinterlegt werden. Beim Bäcker, im. Welcome offer: For your first 4 months, enjoy 10% bonus cash back ‡ at restaurants and bars up to $500 spend. Get 4% cash back after that. Available only to Simplii clients who apply online and through Telephone Banking. Sign on to apply. for the Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card. Opens in a new window

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Kreditkarte - Visa oder Mastercard, Debit und Prepaid Kreditkarten - vergleichen + online beantragen. Kreditkarten im Vergleich. Kreditkarten im Vergleich. Kreditkarten Infos. Kreditkarte für Studenten Goldene Kreditkarte Kostenlose Kreditkarte Kreditkarte ohne Schufa Prepaid Kreditkarte Kreditkarten Ratgeber. Beste Kreditkarte beantragen Kostenlos Geld abheben im Ausland: Kreditkarte ohne. Related: Comparing Visa Signature and World Elite Mastercard benefits. If you're equally as confused, don't worry. We'll go over the main differences between the three Mastercards and the various perks that come with each type of version. In This Post. The standard Mastercard program . The standard benefits of a Mastercard vary based on the card issuer and the product. However, benefits.

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Kleiner Chip, hoher Schutz. Warum Chipkarten? Wie benutze ich meine Chipkarte? Mit der EMV-Chip-Technologie, die gemeinsam von Visa, MasterCard und Europay entwickelt wurde, leisten wir einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Betrugsbekämpfung. Die meisten Visa Karten sind bereits mit einem EMV-Chip ausgestattet. Dieser auf der Karte angebrachte Chip hat. Maestro. V-Pay Gehört zu. MasterCard Worldwide: Visa Europe Eingeführt. 1992: 2007: Akzeptanzstellen. 15 Millionen. 9,2 Millionen. Geldautomaten. 1 Millionen. MasterCard Generator. With this tool, you can generate valid MasterCard credit cards with card number, expiry date, cvv, and name. The credit card number is valid because it complies with the credit card rules and follow the Luhn algorithm, therefore these generated credit card can pass some validation. Expiry, cvv and name are not real, that. Alipay. Alipay is China's leading online payment service by both the number of users and total transaction volume. It has more than 1.3 billion annual active users as of June 2020 and processed $17 trillion worth of transactions in mainland China over the course of a year.. More than 80 million merchants use Alipay for business over the course of a month, and the app has more than 2,000. ¾ The html file- A more user friendly version of the CDF XSD (schema) document. Release Number: 05010000 . Glossary Term Definition Adjustment A financial charge applied to a credit card that did not occur at a merchant. For example, a yearly maintenance fee. Cardholder A Corporate credit card holder Common Data Format (CDF) The standard file format that is sent from the processors.

Mastercard is the second-largest payments network, ranked behind Visa, in the global payments industry. Other major payments networks include American Express and Discover. Mastercard partners. Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse RuPay Card ke baare mein baat ki hai, aap sabhi ne dekha hoga ki MasterCard VISA Card ke saath saath aapko RuPay C.. Your address, telephone number, and email address; and ; Your physical or electronic signature; Mastercard may give notice to its users of any infringement notice by means of a general notice on any of its websites, electronic mail to a user's e-mail address in its records, or by written communication sent by first-class mail to a user's physical address in its records. If you receive such an. This Operating Guide focuses primarily on the MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal operating rules and regulations. If Bank provides Authorization, processing or Sett lement of Transactions involvi ng Cards other than MasterCard, Vi sa, American Express, Discover and PayPal, Merchant should also consult those independent Card Issuers' proprietary rules and regulations. If.

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Card selection of American Express vs. Visa. You'll have far more card options with Visa vs. American Express. Most of the major card issuers partner with Visa for at least some of their credit cards Visa Click to Pay is Visa's online checkout experience built on the latest ecommerce industry specifications - EMV Secure Remote Commerce.To make a purchase, you'll no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords or fill out long forms Visa plans to deprecate Visa Checkout in favor of Secure Remote Commerce, which delivers a unified online checkout experience that supports a number of card brands.There is no hard deadline for the migration at the moment; however, users of Visa Checkout should migrate their integrations as soon as possible and new merchants should not integrate Visa Checkout Chapter Number Rule Name Source or Explanation of Revisions Chapter 2 Authorization and Clearing Requirements 2.12 Full and Partial Approvals Asia/Pacific Region > 2.12 Full and Partial Approvals Europe Region > 2.12 Full and Partial Approvals Middle East/Africa Region > 2.12 Full and Partial Approvals AN 4317 Revised Standards for Global Support of Partial Approval 2.13.1 Refund Transactions.

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MasterCard Payment Gateway Service (formerly MiGS) Supported operations: Purchase, Authorize, Capture, Refund, Void, Verify Supported payment types: Credit Card Spreedly 3DS2 Global Supported No Gateway Specific 3DS1 Supported No Gateway Specific 3D2 Supported No Regions: Asia Pacific, Middle East API endpoint URL: https://migs.mastercard.com.au/vpcpay Authentication and Security Specific. To find card numbers with spaces or dashes in them, use \b(?:\d[ -]*?){13,16}\b. This regex allows any amount of spaces and dashes anywhere in the number. This is really the only way. Visa and MasterCard put digits in sets of 4, while Amex and Discover use groups of 4, 5 and 6 digits. People entering the numbers may have different ideas yet

VISA NI-VISA™ User Manual NI-VISA User Manual September 2001 Edition Part Number 370423A-01 NIVISAUM.book Page 1 Thursday, October 4, 2001 5:10 P Mastercard says the no-number Apple Card comes with 'enhanced security' users will never see Published Tue, Aug 20 2019 12:25 PM EDT Updated Tue, Aug 20 2019 5:31 PM EDT Jasmine Kim @jasminejhki 6. PNB Classic Visa. This PNB credit card is one of the best credit cards for first-timers with low income because of its low minimum income requirement and low annual fee. It's also a good credit card for travelers, as the card comes with travel insurance and purchase protection insurance Zur Zeit planen die Dachmarken MasterCard und Visa die Einführung von Speicher-Chips (wie z.B. auf einer SIM-Karte) als Ersatz für den Magnetstreifen. Dafür sind lange Übergangsfristen (bis 2007) vorgesehen. Die dazugehörige Spezifikation nennt sich EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa). Quelle: net-lexikon.de 09.06.2004, 23:30 #4 bessy. Gemeinde-Igel . Registriert seit: 16.10.2002. Beiträge.

Your Global Payments Sales Representative Telephone Number Authorization Telephone Number VISA and MasterCard and Discover 1.800.268.8241 For more information on additional products and services from Global Payments, contact 1.800.263.2970 or visit our website at: For more information about VISA®, MasterCard®, Interac® Direct Payment, Discover® or UnionPay® please visit the applicable. Visa Secure using EMV® 3DS User Experience Guidelines . Last updated on May 17, 2021. Introduction. Welcome to the UX product guidelines for Visa Secure using EMV 3DS flows on web browsers and mobile apps Ideally, the concept is taken further by auto-formatting all users' Card Number inputs with spaces, knowing that this leads to fewer card validation errors - both because it increases the user's accuracy when typing the card number and makes it easier for them to spot any typos afterwards. For 16-digit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB this means auto-adding a space. Lediglich die Debitkartensysteme Maestro (von MasterCard) und Visa Electron arbeiten an der weltweiten Akzeptanz ihrer Debit-Karten. Die Verwendung von Debit-Karten. Zur Verwendung der Debit-Karte muss eine Online-Verbindung zum Karten Herausgeber stattfinden können, damit die Deckung der Karte überprüft wird. Überall, wo dies nicht möglich ist, kann eine Bezahlung mittels Debit-Karte.

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For New Users: Concierge will reply to your first WhatsApp message with a request for you to call them. Please call back and provide telephone number for further communication between you and Concierge. This is to verify the card number and complete your profile and registration. DragonPass 'Dine & Fly' airport dining program Cardholders now have access to over 200 airport restaurant offers. For dedicated Carnival cruisers, the Carnival World™ MasterCard® can be worth it. You'll score a 10% rebate on shore excursions, earn 2X FunPoints and get an intro APR of 0% for six months on Carnival cruise purchases (then an APR of either 14.99, 19.99, or 23.99, depending on your creditworthiness) Answer provided by user: WalletHub. A CVV number is a 3-digit or 4-digit security code that's used to prevent fraudulent charges on a credit card or debit card. The CVV, or card verification value, can be found on the back of all Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards as well as on the front of American Express cards Good User Validation. A large U.K. bank reduced friction and, in 30 days, boosted good user recognition to. 91 Welcome to Evolve Skateboards Germany, official distributor in central and northern Europe for Electric Skateboards / Elektroskateboards! Enjoy high quality and high performance electric skateboards! Service, Test Rides, Probefahrten. Best on the market

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