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Endorsement is done by those selected endorsing peers in the peer chaincode invoke command (peerAddresses), and all peers will receive the new block containing that transaction, and commit the.. I'm trying to cross invoke a chaincode installed in the same peer but instantiated in another channel, however it's failing because it doesn't satisfy Writer policy (why? I'm not modifying ledger state). I'm using test-network policies: Application: &ApplicationDefaults ACLs: &ACLsDefault # This section provides defaults for policies for various resources # in the system. These resources. The peer chaincodecommand allows administrators to perform chaincode related operations on a peer, such as installing, instantiating, invoking, packaging, querying, and upgrading chaincode To execute init, you just need to specify --isInit in the invoke parameter option. See the documentation below. fabric/peer/chaincode. peer chaincode invoke \ -o localhost:7050 \ --ordererTLSHostnameOverride orderer.example.com \ --tls \ --cafile $ {PWD}/organizations/ordererOrganizations/example.com/orderers/orderer.example If you'd like to have chaincode1 to invoke chaincode2, you need both the chaincodes to be installed the same peer You need to make sure this peer part of both channels Next, you need to leverage the following API: // InvokeChaincode locally calls the specified chaincode `Invoke` using th

Whenever I try to deploy chaincode in javascript I get the problem while invoking it and I am also not able to use peer command outside the cli. ubuntu@ip-172-31-18-117:~/fabric-samples/test-network$ export PATH=${PWD}/../bin:$PATH. ubuntu@ip-172-31-18-117:~/fabric-samples/test-network$ export FABRIC_CFG_PATH=$PWD/../config Then call the Init function by using the peer chaincode invoke command and passing the --isInit flag. If you are using the Fabric SDK for Node.js, visit How to install and start your chaincode. For more information, see Chaincode for Operators. The other interface in the chaincode shim APIs is the ChaincodeStubInterface: Go; node.js; Java; which is used to access and modify the ledger. Now let's invoke the fabcar chaincode to generate one transaction and its ID so that we can query the transaction out. $ peer chaincode invoke \ -o localhost:7050 --ordererTLSHostnameOverride orderer.example.com --tls $CORE_PEER_TLS_ENABLED --cafile $ORDERER_CA \ $PEER_CONN_PARMS \ -C mychannel -n fabcar \ -c '{function:CreateCar,Args:[abc, makeM, modelX, red, ownerO]}' \ --waitForEven peer chaincode invoke. 调用指定给的链码。该命令将尝试向网络提交背书过的交易。 相关链接:Fabric开发环境Window一键安装工具. 使用方法 ~$ peer chaincode invoke [flags] ## 命令标

Usage: peer chaincode invoke [flags] Flags: -C, --channelID string The channel on which this command should be executed --connectionProfile string Connection profile that provides the necessary connection information for the network 每个应用只能被实例化一次,实例化可在任意一个已安装该 chaincode 的 peer 上进行。 Invoke调用,Query查询. chaincode 在实例化后,用户就能与它进行交互,其中 query 查询与应用相关的状态(即只读),而 invoke 则可能会改变其状态。 Upgrade升

Overview. Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric comes with an API InvokeChaincode () to allow a chaincode invoking a function in another chaincode. Here is the description about this API in the.. 我们这里主要是讲到 peer chaincode invoke 和 peer chaincode query 这两条调用链码的命令。 链码涉及到5个服务,分别是client,peer背书节点、用户链码容器和Orderer节点 (invoke

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The Supplier should execute the following steps from the Cloud9 terminal. The Supplier worker manufactures the product. docker exec -e CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/opt/home/spworker-msp cli peer chaincode invoke -C mainchannel -n supplychaincc -c ' {Args: [createProduct, TEST1234]}' -o $ORDERER --cafile /opt/home/managedblockchain-tls-chain.pem. Sign in to the Oracle Blockchain Platform console using an administrative user ID. Select the Developer Tools tab. Click the Samples pane. In the Samples pane, locate the Car Dealer sample, and click Install. On the Install CarDealer Chaincode dialog, select peer0 from the Peers drop-down list, and click Install Deploy a Chaincode on a Peer to Test the Chaincode After you create a chaincode, you must install, instantiate, and invoke it to test that it works correctly. If you need help writing a chaincode, see Write a Chaincode. Follow these steps to deploy and test your chaincode Retailer steps. The Retailer should execute the following steps from its Cloud9 terminal. The retailer worker receives the product. docker exec -e CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/opt/home/rtworker-msp cli peer chaincode invoke -C mainchannel -n supplychaincc -c ' {Args: [updateProductState, TEST1234, receive]}' -o $ORDERER --cafile. Chaincode Invoke Chaincode Approach. It is important to understand why you need this to avoid any kind of anti-patterns developed. In a blockchain project, you have a huge responsibility as a.

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peer chaincode invoke命令用于调用链码(chaincode) peer chaincode query命令与invoke实现基本相同,区别在于提交并处理Proposal后,不再创建交易以及广播交易。 实现 命令的定

peer chaincode invoke example¶ Here is an example of the peer chaincode invoke command: Invoke the chaincode named mycc at version 1.0 on channel mychannel on peer0.org1.example.com:7051 and peer0.org2.example.com:7051 (the peers defined by --peerAddresses), requesting to move 10 units from variable a to variable b Usage: peer chaincode invoke [flags] Flags: -C, --channelID string The channel on which this command should be executed --connectionProfile string Connection profile that provides the necessary connection information for the network. Note: currently only supported for providing peer connection information -c, --ctor string Constructor message for the chaincode in JSON format (default {}) -h. Step 4: Install chaincode package to peers of each organization. For demonstration, we install different chaincode package to different peers, such that sacc.tar.gz on peer0.org1.example.com, and sacc-check.tar.gz on peer0.org2.example.com. # peer0.org1.example.com docker exec cli peer lifecycle chaincode install sacc.tar.gz # peer0.org2.example.com docker exec -e CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/opt.


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Once the peers have all joined the channel, you are able to issues queries against any peer without having to deploy chaincode to each of them. Use cli to deploy, invoke and query ¶ Run the deploy command cd chaincode/packaging tar cfz code.tar.gz connection.json tar cfz marbles-org1.tgz code.tar.gz metadata.json peer lifecycle chaincode install marbles-org1.tgz Build and deploy the chaincode docker build -t chaincode/marbles:1. . kubectl create -f chaincode/k8 peer chaincode invoke. 调用指定链码。 peer chaincode query. 查询指定链码,该命令只查询节点上状态,不生成区块。 peer chaincode package. 将链码打包为可部署格式. peer chaincode signpackage. 签名打包后的链码. peer chaincode upgrade. 升级链码,需要先用peer chaincode install命令安装更新代码,然后使用该命令来升级已经.

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peer chaincode list. 查询指定节点上已经安装的链码,或者查询指定通道中实例化的链码。 相关链接:Fabric开发环境Window一键安装工具. 使用方法 ~$ peer chaincode list [flags] 命令标 Chaincode runs in a secured Docker container isolated from the endorsing peer process. Chaincode initializes and manages ledger state through transactions submitted by applications In Hyperledger Fabric, Chaincode is the piece of code that runs on top of the network peers to implement the business logic of how applications interact with the ledger. When a transaction i

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  1. peer chaincode. 管理员可以使用peer chaincode命令在peer节点上执行链码相关的操作, 例如安装、实例化、调用、打包、查询以及升级链码。. 相关工具:Fabric开发环境Window一键安装 语法. peer chaincode命令包含以下子命令:. install; instantiate; invoke; list; package; query; signpackage; upgrade; 不同的子命令选项(install.
  2. chaincode deploy | The chaincode container name (hash) required for subsequent chaincode invoke and chaincode query commands chaincode invoke | The transaction ID (UUID) chaincode query | By default, the query result is formatted as a printable string. Command line options support writing this value as raw bytes (-r, -raw), or formatted as the hexadecimal representation of the raw bytes (-x.
  3. ute or two for the instantiation to propagate to the peer... Step 7.3: Query the Chaincode. The command should return the value of a, which you instantiated to a value of 100 ..
  4. We wrote a chaincode and then used a test script to invoke chaincode's insert data function 10 times per second. At the same time, the test script will call the GetTransactionByID function of the system chaincode qscc. At this time, there may be the following error: test_net_peer0_org1 |2018-06-02 07:29:56.563 UTC [endorser] simulateProposal -> ERRO 39c3 [notaryinfochannel] [61d0b2ba] failed.
  5. invoke. 调用链码的功能. peer chaincode invoke -C 通道ID -n 链码名称 -c 传入的参数 #全局变量 --tls 是否使用TLS加密 --cafile CA证书路径 --certfile X509公钥文件路径 -o Orderer节点主机:端口 #例子 peer chaincode invoke -o orderer.example.com:7050 -C mychannel -n mycc --peerAddresses peer0.org1.example.com:7051 --peerAddresses peer0.org2.example.com.

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type Chaincode interface{ Init(stub ChaincodeStubInterface) peer.Response Invoke(stub ChaincodeStubInterface) peer.Response } Init: 在链码实例化或升级时被调用, 完成初始化数据的工 新项目中需要进行chaincode开发工作。并且可能需要chaincode 间互相调用的操作。这里记录一下我的调研过程。 首先问题 1:chaincode 间是否可以互相调用,是从fabric 哪个版本开始支持,最新版是否支持? 2:chaincode 间互相调用的边界?如,是否支持不同channel 间的chaincode调用 Usage: peer chaincode [command] Available Commands: install Package the specified chaincode into a deployment spec and save it on the peer's path. instantiate Deploy the specified chaincode to the network. invoke Invoke the specified chaincode. package Package the specified chaincode into a deployment spec. query Query using the specified chaincode. signpackage Sign the specified chaincode. Instantiating a chaincode compiles, builds, and initializes the chaincode on the selected channel and peers where the chaincode was previously installed. The instantiate transaction invokes the Lifecycle System Chaincode (LSCC) to create and initialize a chaincode on a channel

chaincode在成功install以及instantiate之后,chaincode则是运行状态,能够通过invoke transaction来处理transaction。后续也能够对chaincode进行升级。 2.package. chaincode package包括三个部分: 由ChaincodeDeploymentSpec(CDS)定义的chaincode。CDS根据代码及其他属性(如名称与版本)定义了chaincode package; 一个可选的instantiation. We should expect to get an output of 100, which is the value we initialized a to when the chaincode was instantiated.. Now it's time to invoke the chaincode and test that it works. In the previous steps, we instantiated the key a with a value of 100 and queried to verify. Using the invoke command in the following example, we remove 10 from that initial value Chaincode 开发手册. 什么是Chaincode?. ¶. Chaincode is a program, written in Go that implements a prescribed interface. Eventually, other programming languages such as Java, will be supported. Chaincode runs in a secured Docker container isolated from the endorsing peer process. Chaincode initializes and manages the ledger state. Track-and-Trace Blockchain Workshop > Write and deploy chaincode > Test the chaincode > Retailer steps Retailer steps The Retailer should execute the following steps from its Cloud9 terminal Invokes fail on org added after chaincode is instantiated. Executed on Fabric 1.0.1. Steps: Create channel with org01 and org02 Join each org to channel Add 2 peers per org Attempt to join channel with org03 (fails appropriately) Edit channel and add org03 Join org03 to channel Add 2 peers for org03 Install cc on all 6 peers Instantiate on org01 peer Query on all 6 peers Invoke on all 6 peers.

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  1. 三、hyperledger fabric 开发第一个智能合约. 一、编写智能合约代码HelloWorld.go,go语言实现,代码很简单,每个合约包含两个方法,Init、Invoke。. 至此,第一个智能合约demo完成了。
  2. > peer chaincode query -C mychannel -n mycc -c '{Args:[query,a]}' 输出值为100。 3. 智能合约升级 3.1 查看需要升级的智能合约信息. 还是先在控制台输入 docker exec -it cli bash 进入cli的控制台,默认cli的环境变量节点为peer0.org1.example.com. 目前已部署一个智能合约到peer0.org1.example.com,cli控制台输入命令: > peer.
  3. Writing, Building, and Running Chaincode in a Development Environment¶ Chaincode developers need a way to test and debug their chaincode without having to set up a complete peer network. By default, when you want to interact with chaincode, you need to first Deploy it using the CLI, REST API, gRPC API, or SDK. Upon receiving this request, the.
  4. peer chaincode package. 将指定的链码打包为CDS(Chaincode Deployment Spec:链码部署规范)格式。 使用方法 ~$ peer chaincode package [flags
  5. imal fabric setup. Code chaincode Your chaincode will always include the two Read mor
  6. 16.7.6. Invoke. 此方法主要是做修改操作,但是很多例子中一些用户也在 Invoke 做查询。 put, get, del 等操作都在可以在 Invoke 中运行. func (t *SimpleChaincode) Invoke(stub shim.ChaincodeStubInterface) pb.Response { } 参考例
  7. Usage: peer chaincode [command] Available Commands: install Package the specified chaincode into a deployment spec and save it on the peer ' s path. instantiate Deploy the specified chaincode to the network. invoke Invoke the specified chaincode. list Get the instantiated chaincodes on a channel or installed chaincodes on a peer. package.

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Hyperledger Fabric开发实战-03智能合约. 本文是在阅读《区块链开发实战-Hyperledger Fabric关键技术与案例分析》一书的同时,在实践中记录的一些实践步骤与经验分享。. Hyperledger Fabric的智能合约叫做Chaincode,是业务的成载体,负责具体的业务逻辑 HyperLedger Fabric ChainCode开发——shim.ChaincodeStubInterface用法. 深蓝前几篇博客讲了Fabric的环境搭建,在环境搭建好后,我们就可以进行Fabric的开发工作了。. Fabric的开发主要分成2部分,ChainCode链上代码开发和基于SDK的Application开发。. 我们这里先讲ChainCode的开发. #Universal basic income opt-in chaincode. Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate in the U.S., is arguably the only technologist to ever join the race.. Yang predicts that there will be massive worker displacement due to technological automation in the next five years peer. peer命令帮助管理员对Fabric区块链网络中的节点进行管理,根据管理任务的 不同,peer命令细分为5个子命令。例如,你可以使用peer channel子命令来将 一个peer节点添加到通道(channel)中,或者使用peer chaincode子命令来将 一个智能合约链码部署到指定的peer节点。. An invoke or instantiate operation. Invokes are requests to read-write data from the ledger. Instantiate is a request to start a chaincode container on a peer. Chaincode的invoke或instantiate操作。Invoke是从ledger中请求read-write set;Instantiate是请求在peer上启动Chaincode容器

It allows you to start a chaincode without ever installing the chaincode on the peer and after the chaincode is initially committed to a channel, you can bypass the peer lifecycle chaincode commands. This allows for rapid deployment, debugging, and update without the overhead of reissuing the peer lifecycle chaincode commands every time you make an update. Note: In order to use the DevMode. peer lifecycle chaincode¶. The peer lifecycle chaincode subcommand allows administrators to use the Fabric chaincode lifecycle to package a chaincode, install it on your peers, approve a chaincode definition for your organization, and then commit the definition to a channel. The chaincode is ready to be used after the definition has been successfully committed to the channel Run the SimpleSample chaincode using the gradle -b build.gradle run. Open the third Vagrant terminal to run init and invoke on the chaincode. peer chaincode deploy -l java -n SimpleSample -c '{Args: [init, a,100, b, 200]} Invoke()¶ Invoke is called when you want to call chaincode functions to do real work (i.e. read and write to the ledger). Invocations are captured as transactions, which get grouped into blocks on the chain. When you need to update or query the ledger, you do so by invoking your chaincode

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  1. CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=mycc CORE_PEER_ADDRESS= ./chaincode_example02 mycc是chaincode的名称,可以随便定,只要在后面的过程中对应使用就行了。 CLI调试
  2. Chaincode.Response invokeChaincode (java.lang.String chaincodeName, java.util.List<byte []> args, java.lang.String channel) Locally calls the specified chaincode invoke () using the same transaction context. chaincode calling chaincode doesn't create a new transaction message. If the called chaincode is on the same channel, it simply adds the.
  3. connect external chaincode to peer for chat. java.util.Properties: getChaincodeConfig () Obtains configuration specifically for running the chaincode and settable on a per chaincode basis rather than taking properties from the Peers' configuration. ChaincodeBase.CCState: getState abstract Chaincode.Response: init (ChaincodeStub stub) Called during an instantiate transaction after the container.

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User installs, instantiates, and invokes the carauction chaincode on the peer. Ledger is updated, blocks are added to the Starter Plan service, and the response is sent to the Node app. Instructions. Find the detailed instructions in the README. These steps show you how to: Clone the repo; Enroll the app ; Register users; Invoke the chaincode; Run the app; Query the ledger; Share our content. CORE_PEER_ADDRESS = peer:7052 CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME = mycc:0 ./sacc 3号终端 即便您处于 -peer-chaincodedev 模式,安装chaincode这一步仍必不可少,这样生命周期系统chaincode才能正常进行检查 $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES d935b4c05e80 dev-peer1.org2.example.com-mycc-1.. TLS Enabled andChaincode Authenticating The Peer Node. From the diagram you might have seen that this time the client_auth_required parameter is set to true.This is an indicator for your peer node to expect other two files client_key and client_cert.In every connection request to the chaincode service, the peer node will use the certificate you have specified in the connection.json file

peer lifecycle chaincode; Peer node postscript; peer node; peer version; fr FR. Fabric Docs fr_FR; Source. Access Control Lists (ACL) Connect with other writers; Channel capabilities; External Builders and Launchers; Chaincode as an external service; Fabric chaincode lifecycle; Updating a channel configuration; Deploying a smart contract to a channel ; Discovery cli; Contributing documentation. When a peer receives a transaction, it invokes the VSCC (Validation System Chaincode) associated with the transaction's Chaincode as part of the transaction validation flow to determine the validity of the transaction. Recall that a transaction contains one or more endorsement from as many endorsing peers. VSCC is tasked to make the following determinations: all endorsements are valid (i.e. Figure 2. Endorsing Peer vs Committing Peer. There is a concept of Smart Contract called Chaincode in Fabric. Currently, three languages can program Fabric chaincode including Golang, Node.js, and Java.To deploy a chaincode, a network admin must install the chaincode onto target peers and then invoke an orderer to instantiate the chaincode onto a specific channel Invoke the chaincode; Query the chaincode ; 1. Get the Hyperledger Fabric network details. For the SDK to connect and perform operations on the Hyperledger Fabric network, you need network details like the URLs for peer, ca, orderer, channel name, pem certificates for ca, orderer (as it is TLS enabled), and chaincode details. The network can be set up in different ways. Here's where you can.

Docker container を停止・削除する操作と、peer 上の chaincode パッケージを削除する操作を指します ; peer の開発モード. 実装した chaincode が動作するのはインスタンス化された後です。 通常 chaincode のライフサイクルは peer が管理します。 開発中に chaincode を更新したのちに毎回このライフサイクルに. Chaincode 容器启动后跟 Peer 之间创建 gRPC 连接,双方通过发送 ChaincodeMessage 来进行交互通信。Chaincode 容器利用 core.chaincode.shim 包提供的接口来向 Peer 发起请求。 典型结构. 下面给出了链码的典型结构,用户只需要关注到 Init() 和 Invoke() 函数的实现上,在其中利用 shim.ChaincodeStubInterface 结构,实现跟. 3、实例化合约peer docker 日志报错 信息. docker logs -f peer d4e4543te534r5 [kokochannel][52342533] Exit chaincode: name:lscc (44159ms) 2019-09-21 06:23:09.871 UTC [endorser] SimulateProposal -> ERRO 04c [kokochannel][52342533] failed to invoke chaincode name:lscc , error: container exited with

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fabric invoke chaincode error: Failed to get endorsing peers: no endorsement combination can be satisfied. Blockchain, fabric, go, hyperledger-fabric, hyperledger-fabric-sdk-go / By Mikasa JD. I have set up my fabric network with 3 orderers in one organization and a consortium with 5 organizaitons successfully. Each organization has only one peer node and join in the same channel. And I have. Settings Permalink. Setting 부분은 Hyperledger Fabric Network 구성 -1- 부분과 동일하니 똑같이 진행하시면 됩니다. HandOn 부분부터 다릅니다. HandsOn Permalink. Bring Org3 into the Channel Manually Permalink. 일단 제일 먼저 기본 네트워크를 구성해줍니다. EYFN 즉 새로운 org 를 추가하기.

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  1. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. thackerronak / Deploy Hyperledger Fabric NodeJS Chaincode. Last active Mar 20, 202
  2. cli peer chaincode invoke \ -o orderer.n-MWY63ZJZU5HGNCMBQER7IN6OIU.managedblockchain.amazonaws.com: 2020-06-26 23:49:43.895 UTC [chaincodeCmd] chaincodeInvokeOrQuery -> INFO 003 Chaincode invoke successful. result: status:200 message:invoke finished successfully payload:a: 90 b: 210 Step 8: Invoke the sample chaincode to query . Precede the following command with the variable overrides.
  3. peer channel join; peer chaincode install; etc. However, there was a missing part. Kubernetes is not providing a mechanism to orchestrate the jobs (i.e., that is to run the jobs in a specific order). While searching for an orchestrating mechanism for jobs, I found Argo. It's a nice Kubernetes native workflow engine capable of running tasks sequentially or in parallel and also allows.
  4. Hyperledger Fabric v2.2 인스톨. 얻기 위해 Fabric binaries를 다운받자. 3. 테스트 네트워크 구축하기. Hyperledger Fabric은 잘 만들어진 Shell script를 제공한다. 이를 이용하여 채널 생성, 체인코드 배포 등을 누구나 쉽게 할 수 있다. 3-1. 네트워크 시작. 2개의 peer와 1개의 orderer.
  5. Install the Chaincode. In the Deploy Chaincode (Advanced) - Step 1, enter MyTestChaincode in the Chaincode Name field. In the Version field, confirm the default value is v1. From the Target Peers list, select peer0-1 and peer0-2. Click Upload Chaincode File, locate and select the my_test_chaincode.zip file, and click Open
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Bring Up the Network¶. Next, you can bring the network up with one of the following commands: ./byfn.sh up. The above command will compile Golang chaincode images and spin up the corresponding containers. Go is the default chaincode language, however there is also support for Node.js and Java chaincode Mit dem Erscheinen von Fabric 1.1 kann man nun Chaincode in Javascript schreiben. Lass uns mal schauen, wie das geht. Setup Chaincode programmieren Chaincode deployen Chaincode ausführen Chaincode aktualisieren Voraussetzungen cURL Docker & Docker Compose git Setup Richte dir ein Fabric Netzwerk ein, bspw. unsere minimale Fabric Entwicklungsumgebung. Chaincode programmieren Fabric chaincode. 这将初始化信道上的链码,设置链码的背书策略,为目标peer节点启动一个chaincode容器注意-P参数。这是我们需要指定的当这个chaincode的交易需要被验证的时侯的背书策略。 在下面的命令中,你会注意到我们指定 -P OR ('Org0MSP.member','Org1MSP.member') 作为背书策略。这意味着我们需要Org1或者Org2.

In Steps 10-12, you query the chaincode, invoke a chaincode transaction, and then query the chaincode again to check the effect of the transaction. As shown in Figure 3, querying chaincode takes place on the peer node. It involves the chaincode querying the world state, which is a key-value store storing the current state of the ledger. An identical copy of the world state is stored on each. CORE_CHAINCODE_ID_NAME=mycc CORE_PEER_ADDRESS= ./chaincode_example02. 不是 deploy 链码,它只是启动并向验证对等体注册链码。 一旦注册,您需要 deploy ,然后 invoke 才能注册 query 。 如 这里 所述 , 首先,仅向验证对等方发送一次链代码部署事务 部署链码. 将 弹珠资产管理系统的链码拷贝到fabric-samples/chaincode. 进入链码开发目

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  1. 在 peer 上安装 chaincode 后,还需要实例化才能真正激活该 chaincode 。在实例化的过程中,chaincode 就会被编译并打包成 docker 容器镜像,然后启动运行。每个应用只能被实例化一次,实例化可在任意一个已安装该 chaincode 的 peer 上进行。 Invoke 调用,Query 查
  2. al window, let's invoke one of the CRUD operations with the ochain invoke command
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  4. istic serialisation. The simplest solution is to use following packages
  5. How to invoke chaincode from chaincode in Hyperledger
  6. What is chaincode? — fabricdocs 1
  7. Java Chaincode Setup - Hyperledger Fabri
Interaction Lifecycle - Hyperledger Fabric Internals在Fabric ChainCode中导入第三方包(以状态机为例) - 深蓝 - 博客园How Hyperledger Fabric Works | KompiTech Blockchain PlatformSolidity Smart Contract on Hyperledger Fabric | by Rahul
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