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On the My comments section of Reddit, Click on the Orange Nuke Reddit History icon and click on the Overwrite and deleted all my comments option. If you want to delete your Reddit posts then follow a similar procedure. However, rather than selecting the comments option, Here you will select the option which says Delete All my Posts Use RES to load as many comments as you can on one web page. Open developer tools - console with ctrl + option + j or ctrl + shift + j. copy and paste the following code into the console and hit enter to run. Javascript to run in console: note: 1500 is the time between clicks on the delete button How to Delete All of Your Reddit Comments Using a Chrome Web Extension - Nuke Reddit History. The Nuke Reddit History will enable you to delete all your comments... Prerequisites. For the Chrome web extension to work effectively, there are two things that must be done first. First,... Delete all. There are scripts to delete all comments. One I've used is a greasyfork script but there are browser extensions too I think. If you have r/toolbox installed you can sort by a subreddit by using the search feature toolbox provides on your user comment page. All you would have to do is run the script while it is sorted for that one subreddit. The script automatically goes through and selects delete and confirm for each link it finds on the page Log into Reddit and click on the Nuke Extension. Select the option to 'Overwrite and Delete All My Comments.' Let the Chrome extension do its magic. Go back to Reddit and check for comments. They should all be gone

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JavaScript to delete all of your Reddit comments. Raw. nowhal.js. // Go to https://www.reddit.com/user/<username>/ and paste into your console. // Reddit throttles these actions, hence the 1s timer. let interval = setInterval(() => {. let deleteButtons = $('a.togglebutton [data-event-action=delete]'); if (deleteButtons.length === 0) { To overwrite & delete all your comments on reddit, click this extension's icon next to your address bar. Available on Chrome You will need Google Chrome to install most apps, extensions and themes For viewing deleted comments on Reddit using Resavr, Visit their homepage and you can see all the top comments added to the system recently. You can also search for the comment using the post title by putting it in the search box given at the top right side corner. They also have a Recent comments tab which shows you all the recently deleted comments from the platform

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I recently deleted all of my Reddit comments using python.Here is the code: https://github.com/0xhh/rm-rf-RedditMusic: けm SURF - Take Car In this document, we will detail the process of finding all the comments for a given submission. If you instead want to process all comments on Reddit, or comments belonging to one or more specific subreddits, please see praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditStream.comments(). Extracting comments with PRAW While deleting >1000 comments is planned, it is necessary right now to rerun the program until they are all deleted. We are relying on Reddit admin words that they do not store edits, deleted posts are still stored in the database they are merely inaccessible to the public. Donat There is NO NEED to use never ending reddit to load as many comments / submissions. This script uses the actual Reddit API endpoints to edit and delete instead of automating clicks on delete and edit buttons. *ahem, reddit overwrite* It's pretty damn thorough. It will first load up your comments page(s), then load your submissions page(s), then do searches with the reddit search api. With EACH of those, it sorts by new, then hot, then top, then controversial. And if we're sorting by top or.

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All money received from donations will be reinvested back into this project and helps offset hardware and bandwidth costs. Thank you! Quick Contact Information. Site Designer: Jason Baumgartner. Welcome! Thank you for using Pushshift's Reddit Search Application! This application was designed from the ground up to be feature rich while offering a very minimalist UI. This application was built. Click your name at the top-right corner of the Reddit website and select Profile to view your profile. At the top of the page, click Posts to view your Reddit posts. Click Comments to view your comments. Go through the lists of posts and comments to see which posts and comments you might want to remove Deleting all your posts and comments from Facebook, that is to say, a lot of the activity that you have developed in this social network, is definitely not a simple task and the social network does not offer an alternative to eliminating them with a stroke and in a few seconds. However, there are options to manually delete those publications that you do not want to keep in sight and also an. Reddit Comment Search . Search through comments of a particular reddit user. Just enter the username and a search query, and press Search! Search query. Username. Search Options. Case sensitive. Match whole words.

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3 Answers3. Press delete channel. Expand the I want to hide my channel section. Check everything and press the HIDE MY CHANNEL button. You may need to wait a little before YouTube deletes your comments. You can check that all of your comments are delete here: Comments History. If necessary, you can go to your channel page (or this) to un. How to delete all your Facebook posts and comments. Facebook and privacy have a complicated, ever-changing relationship, though things seem to be moving toward stability now that they've agreed to. Deleting posts removes them from public view but not from Reddit's servers. Instead, Redditors should overwrite them. So, the trick is to go back into your Reddit account and replace old comments. We were quite surprised when browsing through deleted comments that Reddit seems able to identify the source of comment deletion. In the above example Ceddit was able to tell us a deletion was likely handled by Automod, a popular bot employed on larger sub-reddits to police new entries. Unreddit . Simplicity is one thing Unreddit definitely has going for it. There's no real interface: the. Use Uneddit to Check Deleted Comments. Uneddit. This is one of the best websites to bring back deleted Reddit comments. All you have to visit this website link, drag and drop the uneddit button to your browser bookmark bar. Alternatively, right-click on the button copy link address then from your browser's bookmark bar add page and paste the copied data and save it

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  1. Deleting comments and posts from Reddit Image: KnowTechie Just remember that while your username might not be attached to anything questionable you posted, the post content is still there
  2. ReSavr automatically saves all deleted comments that have more than 1000 characters. The idea behind it is that longer comments have a higher chance of holding useful information, so ReSavr acts as an archive for these deleted comments. Even though is it primarily for comments, it also saves all posts that had a comment deleted. The interface is easy to use, and you can see precisely how many.
  3. How to delete a Reddit post using a computer 1. Open Reddit in your web browser of choice on your computer, and sign in by clicking Log in in the top right corner
  4. Using ceddit, all of the deleted comments are recovered automatically, and then they are shown in threads that are highlighted with red color, so you can easily find what you needed. If you want to find the deleted comments on a specific Reddit post, you can copy the URL of the post and remove the letter R from reddit.com. And replace it with the c to turn it into ceddit.com. Then the page.
  5. The service, though a tad bit slower than the actual Reddit website, lets you browse through all the comments made on that post and even tries to identify who deleted the comment. Last updated on.
  6. Fuck you YouTube you fascist piece of shit. Most of my comments nowdays get deleted, whatever I say. If I say the sky is blue it's gonna get deleted, but it's delayed now. Some comments disappear after like 20+ seconds and others after a few hours. There's literally no point of me commenting at all anymore. So fuck you YouTube cancerous shit
  7. New, 49. comments. By Rich McCormick Nov 23, 2016, 10:19pm EST. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman today admitted that he had edited Reddit user comments that criticized and insulted him, wielding his power.

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For 24 hours, users could ban one another, modify upvotes, delete comments, and votes. Any modifications to Reddit only occurred through the user's perspective. While many caught on, others began threatening fellow users with their admin privileges and went on mini power trips demonstrating that not everyone can be trusted with great power. On April Fools' Day 2011, Reddit replaced its. Deleting your account does not mean that any submitted posts, comments, or other Reddit content you've shared will be erased. Post threads will remain with titles, original posts, and other. Mod mode toggles the availability of some mod actions directly on each post and comment. If you have mod mode on, you'll see the option to approve, remove, or spam directly below each post and comment. If it is off, you'll need to click the moderator shield icon under a post or comment to take these actions. These tools will appear under posts and comments in card view and classic view. When a post or comment draws the ire of the Reddit community, it deceives serious downvote stacks. People often unite to fight injustice on Reddit even if they do not belong to the particular community or subreddit where the conversation is taking place. The biggest example is when all gamers united against the greedy and disrespectful way EA treats its consumers 8. Meet the parent. There are comments upon comments upon comments in Reddit. To move up a level in the comment hierarchy, hit the P key and you'll move up to the parent of whichever comment you.

Click Delete All Comments in Document in the drop-down menu. Advertisement. Method 2 of 2: Hiding Comments 1. Open the Microsoft Word document and click the Review tab. It's in the blue ribbon at the top of the Word document. A toolbar will appear at the top of the window. To open the document, double-click on it. Note: Click Enable Editing at the top, if prompted. 2. Click Show Markup. This. Comment¶ class praw.models. Comment (reddit: praw.Reddit, id: Optional [str] = None, url: Optional [str] = None, _data: Optional [Dict [str, Any]] = None) ¶. A class that represents a reddit comments. Typical Attributes. This table describes attributes that typically belong to objects of this class As Reddit user vinceredd points out in the comments of that thread, Reddit isn't a good venue to pitch your movie, it's a venue to pitch yourself. Mobile Apps. Taking Reddit on the go is a great. Boost reading and writing confidence across all types of content and devices, in class, at work, and at home! Read&Write for Google Chrome™. 2,123. Ad. Added. Easily create mathematical equations, formulas and quizzes. Intuitively type or handwrite, with no tricky math code to learn. EquatIO - Math made digital. 611

I deleted them all and only use Reddit now because it's just such a better concept, and it can even be incredibly educational with many real life professionals using the platform. There's a subreddit for almost anything you could be interested in, and tasteful moderation on most subreddits along with Reddits overall policies make for a typically friendly and welcoming environment (though. If you don't like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading. Disabling Nofollow in WordPress Comments. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Remove Nofollow plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » Remove Nofollow to configure plugin settings.. Remove Nofollow plugin allows you to remove nofollow from entire comments or just from comment author. Find information about Reddit users using Redective, the Reddit Search Detectiv

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Reddit. June 5 at 11:19 AM ·. At the Salt Lake City farmers market a few years back. redd.it/nmy9sd via r/pics. 4.1K4.1K. 161 Comments 382 Shares. Like Comment Share. See All. Photos 9GAG is your best source of FUN! Explore 9GAG for the most popular memes, breaking stories, awesome GIFs, and viral videos on the internet Reddit's 'Open in app' pop-up that appears when you visit its mobile site can be quite annoying. Worst, the company deliberately does not allow users to remove the pop-up by tapping on a close. ReSavr extracts all posts with such comments and shows them in its easy to navigate interface. It shows the post title and a total number of words that the deleted comment in it contains. Interestingly, hovering your mouse cursor over a title shows the preview of the comment to let you quickly skim through and only read the comments that are worth your time Deleted Reddit Comments. Civilization is well into the information age and everything that is posted on the internet must remain. After typing out long reddit comments, some users wish to delete them for whatever reason. They do this in spite of the fact that their comment might have been useful to someone else. Well, now everything (over ~650.

Once you delete your Reddit account it is gone forever, along with all your favorite links. If not individually deleted before deactivating your accounts, your comments will still be visible, but the author of the comments will be displayed as [deleted]. If you change your mind in the future, you will not be able to sign up to Reddit with the same username as before, nor will anyone else. When you click on Search, Pushshift will scour through Reddit and pull up all the comments that match your query. How to Find Deleted Reddit Comments. Sometimes you're looking through a comment thread for discussion. You'll find a comment that says [Deleted], followed by a chain of replies discussing the matter further. The start to the conversation is lost forever---or so you might think. Ra After explaining Reddit to my girlfriend, she said So basically this? (imour 427 comments share save hide give award report crosspost hide all child comments [deleted] 363 points S I printed this picture out and now your girlfriend's tits are covered in my semen. permaiink source s: gave-RES hide child comments - popular memes on the site ifunny.c The vile comments were obviously too much for Niece to handle, as she quickly deleted her Reddit account. Following the backlash, the model then defended herself to her 100,000 Instagram followers

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The Most Downvoted Reddit Comments. This has been a round-up of the most-popular Reddit posts of all time. Of course, it's an ever-changing list, so this is merely a snapshot in time. However, that's enough positivity for one day, so here are the most-downvoted Reddit comments of all time Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. How Does Reddit Work? Every day, millions of people around the world post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests. To remove all whitespace characters (space, tab, newline, and so on) you can use split then join: sentence = ''.join(sentence.split()) or a regular expression: import re pattern = re.compile(r'\s+') sentence = re.sub(pattern, '', sentence) If you want to only remove whitespace from the beginning and end you can use strip: sentence = sentence.strip() You can also use lstrip to remove whitespace. Hides your real username when you're logged in to reddit. Comments. Comment Navigator Provides a comment navigation tool to easily find comments by OP, mod, etc. Hide All Child Comments Allows you to hide all comments except for replies to the OP for easier reading. Live Comment Preview Provides a live preview of comments, as well as shortcuts for easier markdown. New Comment Count Shows how.

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  1. Steps To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once. In this method, you will have to use the chrome extension to delete all Facebook messages at once, you have to follow some simple steps that we have discussed below, and by this method, you can easily clear all the chat records from your Facebook account with a simple browser extension given below
  2. ister from cabinet over 'all lives matter,' abortion comment on Facebook 'My post on social media was meant to bring light to those without voices, the unborn.
  3. Deleting your account on Reddit will not delete any posts or comments that you have made on Reddit. You can, however, delete these individually before closing your account. Even if you delete your account on Reddit, nobody (including you) can sign up for Reddit with the same user name as the one that you used for that account. However, you can sign up for a new Reddit account with a different.
  4. Reddit. Tumblr. Digg. StumbleUpon. VK. Xing. Yummly. In this article, we will show you 4 ways to delete or change the author names for comments in your Word document. Now and then, we'd like to insert comments to Word documents as to make revisions. As you may notice, there is the author or user name in every comment made in a document to display who the reviser is. However, there are times.
  5. This removes all the bookmarks (for that particular profile) in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Instructions for the old Microsoft Edge browser. The old Microsoft Edge browser doesn't provide an option to bulk delete favorites, but you can clear all your favorites by deleting the spartan.edb file in Edge's store folder for your user profile. Here.
  6. Delete all email from a folder. Make sure that the Folder pane is expanded. To expand the Folder pane, click the arrow at the top left of the pane. In the Folder pane, right-click the folder that you want to empty, and then click Delete All. When you're prompted to move everything to the Deleted Items folder, click Yes
  7. 2021 will be the last year of Reddit Gifts. Please read more about this in the post in r/secretsanta on Reddit.. Gift exchanges - they're fun and free

Click on Delete all messages And that's it. All of the messages on Facebook Messenger will be deleted at once without having to do it one-by-one. Show Comments. You might also like. How to Stop Facebook From Getting Your Phone Contacts Hongkiat Lim. Facebook Hashtags - How It Works, How to Use It Right Victor Balasa. 7 Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction Michael Poh. 20 Facebook. IFunny is fun of your life. Images, GIFs and videos featured seven times a day. Your anaconda definitely wants some. Fun fact: we deliver faster than Amazon At some point, Reddit will remove the old design and roll out the new one for all users. The new design has broken popular Reddit extensions like Reddit Enhancement Suite. Reddit users are waiting for the extension to be upgraded to support the new design but until then, users might want to stick to the old design even if Reddit is pushing the new one to them. The new design hasn't been met.

Yahoo Groups is shutting down after more than 18 years, and the Verizon-owned company is deleting all content from the site in mid-December. Yahoo has made the decision to no longer allow users. Now, users can remove suggestions from the Omnibox directly without complicated shortcuts. All that's needed is a mouse click or two after the suggestion appears. So let's dig into how that. Reddit's mission is to bring community and belonging to everyone in the world. We believe that people should be able to find a welcoming home on our platform and at Reddit. Over the past year, we have evolved Reddit's wo

Step 4: You must address all of the proposed changes before deleting editor comments. For instructions on using Microsoft Track Changes, go to 2016 Microsoft Word Track Changes Instructions.. To delete a comment after it has been addressed, place your cursor at the beginning of the document and click the Next icon To permanently delete traces of these listed programs, click Delete All. To remove junk temporary files for different browsers, 3rd party applications, and other random activities. Select Junk from the left sidebar and choose what places you would like to Scan. It will begin scanning all file categories that you selected, after the scan is. Much like the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is going to be coming with a factory installed screen protector. Luckily, you can remove this on Hacker News. 1. Phone addiction linked to over a dozen psychological and physical problems (cognitiontoday.com) 476 points by Shred77 7 hours ago | hide | 195 comments. 2. Show HN: I shot high-res stitched panoramas in Iceland using a thermal camera (petapixel.com) 549 points by dheera 11 hours ago | hide | 77 comments

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All you need to do is to rinse the rice thoroughly in cold water in order to remove dirt as well as a little starch. Fill a pot with cold water, according to the amount of rice. Bring the water to a boil, adding salt as desired. Once the water has boiled, add the rice and let it cook for two to three minutes. Now rinse the rice in cold water. As you rinse, you will notice white coloured water. 2. Apple Cider Vinegar. The presence of citric acid in apple cider vinegar helps in dissolving kidney stones, further alkalising blood and urine, and helping to remove the stones. Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar will help in flushing out the unnecessary toxins in the kidney. 3 reddit Status. All Systems Operational. Uptime over the past 60 days. View historical uptime. reddit.com Operational. 60 days ago. 99.98 % uptime. Today. Desktop Web Operational Now that you've signed up for a Reddit account, it's time to start posting content and earning karma points! This lesson will explain how to post various different types of content, including text posts, hyperlinks, images, and comments. Logging into Reddit. Logging into Reddit is super easy, and can be done right from their home page

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O Westwing (WEST3) é o E-commerce referência em Casa e Decoração. x. ASSEMBLEIA GERAL EXTRAORDINÁRIA. 15 DE JUNHO DE 2021, às 16:00 . Convocamos os senhores acionistas da Westwing Comércio Varejistas S/A a participarem da Assembleia Geral Extraordinária, que será realizada no dia 15 de junho de 2021 às 16h.. Para maiores informações e participação via votação à distância, acesse Tagged makes it easy to meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more Contact the MKS Security Alarm Software Professionals. Our alarm industry software professionals are standing by to answer all of your questions and show how our solutions can save you time and labor while increasing efficiency and service quality. Contact the MKS experts with the short form below, or call us directly at 407-870-0040 On OkCupid, you're more than just a photo. You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather. Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. Because you deserve what dating deserves: better. By clicking Join, you agree to our Terms

Grammarly is a cross-platform Cloud-based writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement and delivery mistakes in real-time. It uses AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates. It also allows users to customize their style, tone, and context-specific language

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  1. Deleting ALL of my Reddit comments with Python - YouTub
  2. Comment Extraction and Parsing — PRAW 7
  3. GitHub - x89/Shreddit: Remove your comment history on
  4. GitHub - j0be/PowerDeleteSuite: Power Delete Suite for Reddi
  5. Pushshift Reddit Searc

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  1. How to delete all my posts and comments on Facebook
  2. Search Reddit Comments by Use
  3. If I deactivate my account, what happens to - Reddit Hel
  4. Can I delete all comments on a PDF with one click? - Adobe
  5. Reddit Secure Delete for Greasemonke
The Best Memes About Ohio Taking Over The World | KnowPeles Castle - Dreams DestinationsI thought my Fallout 76 CAMP was really cool, then I saw
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