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The direction is perpendicular to both the radius from the axis and to the force. It is conventional to choose it in the right hand rule direction along the axis of rotation. The torque is in the direction of the angular velocitywhich would be produced by it in the absence of other influences The torque is in the direction of the angular velocitywhich would be produced by it in the absence of other influences. In general, the change in angular velocityis in the direction of the torque How do you find the direction of torque? Clean House to Increase Horsepower. Perform a Tune-Up on the Engine. Install a Turbo Kit or Supercharger. Install a Cold-Air Intake. Install an Aftermarket Exhaust System. Buy an Engine Tuner. Conclusion

The problem with this definition is that it does not give the direction of the torque but only the magnitude, and hence it is difficult to use in three-dimensional cases. If the force is perpendicular to the displacement vector r, the moment arm will be equal to the distance to the centre, and torque will be a maximum for the given force. The equation for the magnitude of a torque, arising.

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Show the direction of the force with positive or negative torque. You now know the magnitude of the torque, but you don't know if it's positive or negative. This depends on the direction of the rotation. If the object is rotating counterclockwise, the torque is positive In fact, most problems can limit torque (and angular acceleration) to just clockwise and counterclockwise - the direction of the torque vector can be left until the end. One must either know or be able to calculate the rotational inertia of the object on which the torques acts. The perfect rolling condition is sometimes applied TORQUE We define torque as the capability of rotating objects around a fixed axis. In other words, it is the multiplication of force and the shortest distance between application point of force and the fixed axis. From the definition, you can also infer that, torque is a vector quantity both having direction and magnitude. However, since it is rotating around a fixed axis its direction can b On aircraft with contrarotating propellers (propellers that rotate in opposite directions) the torque from the two propellers cancel each other out, so that no compensation is needed. Further Reading: Propeller Torque Factor. P-Factor. P-factor is the term for asymmetric propeller loading, that causes the airplane to yaw to the left when at high angles of attack. Assuming a clockwise rotating.

  1. The torque is in the direction of the angular velocity which would be produced by it, so, the change in angular velocity is in the direction of the torque. Use your right hand and curl the fingers of your hand in the direction of rotation caused by the force and your thumb will point in the direction of the torque vector
  2. Using your right hand and curling your fingers in the counter-clockwise direction, the thumb sticks out. So the direction of the torque is away from the tires... which is also direction you want the lug nuts to ultimately go
  3. You can ask me questions directly at https://www.simor.org/user/1723/saul-remi_hernandez/roomsDirections must be chosen so we can add torques correctly. Cou..
  4. The direction of the torque vector is found by convention using the right hand grip rule. If a hand is curled around the axis of rotation with the fingers pointing in the direction of the force, then the torque vector points in the direction of the thumb as shown in Figure 2. [Explain: Isn't this somewhat arbitrary?
  5. [...] approximation formula: torque (Nm) = lever-arm (cm) * weight (kg) * 0,1 For example: lever-arm 20cm, gauge weight 5kg -> torque 10Nm a) Exonerate the torque sensor and set [...
  6. Torque is a vector quantity, meaning it has both magnitude and direction. The direction of torque can be found by using the right hand rule. Curl the fingers of the right hand from the direction of d (or r, for radius) to the direction of F. When this is done, the thumb points in the direction of the torque. Image credit: R Nave, Georgia State University. When sizing a linear motion.

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The direction of torque is found using right hand rule. This rule says that if fingers of right hand are kept along the position vector with palm facing the direction of the force and when the fingers are curled the thumb points to the direction of the torque. This is shown in Figure 5.5. The direction of torque helps us to find the type of rotation caused by the torque. For example, if the. Direction of Torque 1. Fwd blade is travelling with rotor downwash in first generation. (Decreased efficiency - Think reduced relative... 2. Fwd blade is travelling against rotor downwash in second generation. (Increased efficiency - Think increased relative..

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The torque vector direction depends on the direction of force on the axis. A common question that can arise when learning about torque is its relation to speed. Therefore, listed below is the equation that pits torque vs speed. Torque (τ) = Power/speed. This the most basic form of relation between torque and speed. If you desire to know more. The direction of the magnetic moment points from the south to north pole of the magnet (inside the magnet). The magnetic field of a magnetic dipole is proportional to its magnetic dipole moment When current is passed through the loops, the magnetic field exerts torque on the loops, which rotates a shaft. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical work in the process. Once the loop's surface area is aligned with the magnetic field, the direction of current is reversed, so there is a continual torque on the loop (). This reversal.

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Torque is the expression of a rotational or twisting force. The engines in vehicles rotate about an axis, thus creating torque. It can be viewed as the strength of a vehicle. Torque is what rockets a sports car from 0-60 in seconds. Torque is also what powers big trucks hauling heavy loads into motion 2.3: Torque Induced by a Magnetic Field. A magnetic field exerts a force on current. This force is exerted in a direction perpendicular to the direction of current flow. For this reason, current-carrying structures in a magnetic field tend to rotate. A convenient description of force associated with rotational motion is torque

The torque produced by both the force of a couple has the same direction. Thus, the total torque produced by the couple will be Total torque of the couple=F×OA +F×OB =F(OA + OB) Therefore: The torque of the couple = F × AB. In this equation gives the torque produced by a couple of forces F and F separated by distance AB. The torque of a couple is given by the product of one of the two. The torque reaction is the equivalent of Newton's third law for angular systems. It is a consequence of the law of conservation of angular momentum. In helicopters, it causes the rest of the vehicle to spin in the opposite direction of the blades. In bicycles and motorcycles, it allows riders to do a wheelie all of the torque problems I've done so far on the physics playlist we only just figured out the magnitude of torque but well frankly because that's what normally matters but torque is actually a vector and it's Direction can be found and that is because torque is defined as the cross-product between the radial distance from your axis of rotation and the rotational force being applied so these. Torque on a Dipole •The magnitude of the torque: F F E center of mass θ d-Q Q x p qd & & r F sin && & sin sin sin sin ( ) sin p E d F d q E x F d x F p E & & & dipole moment torque points into the page. Lecture 3 -2/16 An electric dipole of moment p is placed in a uniform external electric field. The dipole moment vector p is in the positive y direction. The external electric field vector.

Im Bikemarkt: Canyon Torque neu und gebraucht kaufen oder verkaufen. Sicher, einfach und schnell - greif jetzt zu! Sicher, einfach und schnell - greif jetzt zu! Mountainbike New A torque produces a change in angular velocity which is called an angular acceleration. The distance L used to determine the torque T is the distance from the pivot p to the force, but measured perpendicular to the direction of the force. On the figure, we show four examples of torques to illustrate the basic principles governing torques So the direction of the torque should also be in clockwise direction. However, we usually use the definition of cross product to determine the direction of Torque ie if both position vector and Force vector are in the xy plane then the direction of Torque will be either +ve z-axis or -ve axis depending upon the rotation of the body

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The direction of the torque, that is, whether it points into or out of the page, is actually governed by a rule called 'the right hand rule'. We will cover this in later examples, also. For now, understand that in examples as those above clockwise rotations are tied to torques pointing into the page, and counter-clockwise rotations are tied to torques pointing out of the page. Just think of. Note: • torque is measured about a particular point. Usually this will be a hinge, pivot or axis • torque has a sign. All forces that tend to rotate the object in the same direction produce torque with the sam

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Torques are measured in vectors, and the direction of the vector is dependent upon the direction through the axis that the force is proliferating. Photo: susannp4 via Pixabay, CC0 One of the easiest ways to illustrate an example of torque is by examining the motion of a door as you open it This still drives me nuts in my Statics class, I got in a huge argument with my prof when I stated that the direction of torque(as in + or -, k-hat), was by convention and that as long as you kept your work uniform you could work it either way. I still don't understand why in many classes torque is taught as a vector rather than a rotational force about a given axis, I find it causes many. When I got to thinking on it I've actually not been able to tell which direction the torque is on any of my heavy bullet 45-70 rifles. I would think the rifles with lots of drop would be the best indicators. Top. mdeland Posts: 11472 Joined: Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:47 pm. Re: barrel torque direction . Post by mdeland » Fri Apr 16, 2021 3:23 am I test fire every barrel I install held vertical in. direction as well as magnitude. Torque is a vector quantity that has direction as well as magnitude. Turning the handle of a screwdriver clockwiseand then counterclockwisewill advance the screw first inward and then outward. Sign Convention for Torque. By convention, counterclockwise torques are positive and clockwise torques are negative. Positivetorque: Counter-clockwise, out of page. cw.

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  1. Directions for use Wera Click-Torque Wera Werkzeuge GmbH · Germany · www.wera.de · www.weratools.com · www.wera-tools.co.uk Artikel Art. No. Code Nr. Code No. Abtrieb Output Messbereich Measurement range Länge mm Length mm A 5 05075604001 ¼ 2.5 - 25 Nm 2 - 18 lbf.ft. 290 A 6 05075605001 ¼ 2.5 - 25 Nm 2 - 18 lbf.ft. 290 X 1 05075651001 9×12 2.5 - 25 Nm 2 - 18 lbf.ft. 283 B.
  2. While for the wire BD, the direction of the current is downward and the direction of force is outward. A torque is exerted on the loop about an axis, making the loop rotate. Now, we'll deduce the equation for the same. Torque on a Current Loop Equation (image will be uploaded soon) Here, we would define some quantities: W = width of the loop. L = Height of the loop, which is the length of.
  3. The torque found in the preceding example is the maximum. As the coil rotates, the torque decreases to zero at θ = 0. The torque then reverses its direction once the coil rotates past θ = 0. (See Figure 2(d).) This means that, unless we do something, the coil will oscillate back and forth about equilibrium at θ = 0
  4. Joined: Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:16 pm. Re: barrel torque direction. Post. by alfajim » Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:00 pm. The torque will always be opposite the the twist (rotation) same as in a engine clockwise rotation counter clockwise torque reaction has something do do with a fella named Newton. Top. sandhillcowboy1
  5. The direction of this torque is perpendicular to the plane of rotation. Eq. (11) shows that the torque is maximum when the force is applied perpendicular to the line joining the point at which the force is applied and the axis of rotation. Newton's Second Law for Rotation Analogous to Newton's Second Law for a particle, (more commonly written as for constant mass), where is the linear momentum.
  6. Note that torque is a vector quantity, and, like angular displacement, angular velocity, and angular acceleration, is in a direction perpendicular to the plane of rotation. The same right-hand rule used for angular velocity, etc., can be applied to torque; for convenience, though, we'll probably just talk about the directions as clockwise and counter-clockwise

The direction of the torque can be found using the right-hand rule, by curling the right hand from the moment arm vector to the force vector, and following the direction of the thumb. For an object that appears to be rotating clockwise, this means that the direction of the torque vector is down. For an object that appears to be rotating counter-clockwise, the torque vector points up. In. Torque (Moment) A force may be thought of as a push or pull in a specific direction. When a force is applied to an object, the object accelerates in the direction of the force according to Newton's laws of motion. The object may also experience a rotation depending on how the object is confined and where the force is applied In these calculations, we neglect forces which would not contribute to torque: pedal force not in the direction of rotation, and the weight on the rear wheel. We also neglect friction, which reduces the drive force by a few percent. Numbers are rounded -- close, but not exact When two torques are present at the same time then they will work in opposite direction. Negative sign indicates counter clockwise direction. Therefore, net torque calculation will be: T1= -r1F1 sin0. T2 = r2F2 sin0. Net torque: - 0.34 x 11 (sin 58 degrees) + .26 x 15 (sin 61 degrees) = .24Nm. How to calculate torque on a flat coil

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The direction of the torque can be determined by using the right hand grip rule: curl the fingers of your right hand to indicate the direction of rotation, and stick your thumb out so it is aligned with the axis of rotation. Your thumb points in the direction of the torque vector. Torque is part of the basic specification of an engine: the power output of an engine is expressed as its torque. ULTRA-TORQUE Rev. 01 / 02-2015 1 CRANSET ULTRA - TORQUE 11S CRANKSET CHAIN LINE 2 - COMPATIBILITY. CRANSET CENTRAL BOLT Screw in an anti-clockwise direction Screw in a clockwise direction Screw in a clockwise direction WARNING! The contact face of the pedal axle must correspond with the data of Fig. 2. The above characteristics are necessary to minimize abnormal stresses in the cranks. Such.

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I have created a function which slowly moves an object (pawn) from the current rotation towards another given rotation (the direction the object is moving in), which is based on an example I found.Since I am working on a physics based demo, I would like to recreate this function with using torque instead of just setting the rotation step by step helloalli have a simoreg dc drive 4 quadrant 6ra70. first i factory set the parameters and then change the parameters for rmotor and tachometer . when i start it in forward it goes to speed and sudden reverse the direction (torque direction chnge b The torque and angular velocity of the impeller sets the fluid in circular motion throughout the shell. Circulating fluid applies a force on the turbine fins. When the impeller speed is much greater than the turbine speed, the reactor is grounded to the outside housing. Because it has angled fins, the reactor experiences a torque in the opposite direction as the impeller and turbine. This. So, you can apply torque in direction of turn if angles (in radians) to turn are greater than angles. If not, apply opposite torque until angular velocity is 0. This is how it should work in theory. Harpoon, Jan 22, 2016 #3. TonicMind likes this. yingpar. Joined: Sep 25, 2014 Posts: 10. Oh wow, thank you - that's exactly what I was looking for! Do you account for angular drag? Or do you just.

Torque can be regarded as a turning force applied on an object. Torque (vector) is the cross product between a force (vector) and a distance (scalar). The distance, also called the lever arm, is measured between the force and the turning point. Similar to a force, torque is a vector and is defined by an amplitude and a direction of rotation. Image: Tightening torque at wheel bolt. Imagine that. By substituting equations 3. and 4. (torque and speed, section 2.1) into equation 2. (power, section 1.3 ), we see that the power curves for a D.C. motor with respect to both speed and torque are quadratics, as shown in equations 5. and 6. From these equations, we again find that maximum output power occurs at = ½, and = ½ repectively This will create eddy currents in the squirrel cage of the rotor. However this counter torque is proportional to the rotation speed. So this will never reverse direction. A multi phase induction motor can create zero-speed starting torque and reverse directions by swapping the leads on one of the coils

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For such current direction, the STT is an antidamping torque [see Fig. 1(a)]. In the opposite current direction, the STT increases the magnetic damping and becomes an overdamping torque, which further contributes to aligning the two layers. In a device, the free-to-fixed and the fixed-to-free directions can make the magnetization of the free layer parallel and antiparallel to the fixed layer. Torque applied to a tooth created by torsion in the arch wire against the bracket slot spins the tooth around its center of resistance. In orthodontics mechanics, 3rd order twist in the arch wire only produces a couple (torque). 5. 4. A wire twisted to produce lingual ROOT torque to the maxillary incisors will also extrude the maxillary incisors 6. 5. A wire twisted to produce labial root. Understanding the torque equation and the relationship between speed and torque is an important part of selecting and operating a DC motor.. DC motors are relatively simple machines: when the load on the motor is constant, speed is proportional to supply voltage. And when supply voltage is constant, speed is inversely proportional to the load on the motor The magnetic moment can be considered to be a vector quantity with direction perpendicular to the current loop in the right-hand-rule direction. The torque is given by. As seen in the geometry of a current loop, this torque tends to line up the magnetic moment with the magnetic field B, so this represents its lowest energy configuration. The potential energy associated with the magnetic moment.

It even causes different torque directions during engine acceleration and deceleratin. The smallest influence on torque should be the gyroscope effect. It is only in the game if the lateral or vertical axis attitude is changed. I cannot state this for sure, it is only an observation and I would like to hear from the specialists, whether I am right or wrong . To the main question, a clockwise. The direction of this torque vector would depend on the direction of the force on its axis. Without even realizing it, you're using torque every day. Every time you open a door, this gives you an insightful understanding of torque. When you open any door, you tend to push on the part of the door that's farthest from its hinges. This is because when you push on the part of the door that's.

Since torque is the cross product of two vectors, it is a vector itself. The direction of the torque can be found by the right-hand rule for cross products: put your fingers in the direction of the first vector () and your palm facing in the direction of the second vector (); your thumb will point in the direction of the cross product () Problem 1 Medium Difficulty. Calculate the torque (magnitude and direction) about point O due to the force F in each of the cases sketched in Fig. E10.1. In each case, both the force F and the rod lie in the plane of the page, the rod has length 4.00 m, and the force has magnitude F = 10.0 N

Torque is a vector that usually acts in a certain direction. Therefore, it is expressed in newton-meters as well. Torque can also be described as static, which means that no direction is involved in its measurement. However, static torque is also expressed in pounds-feet Drive Ratchet and Torque Wrench Rotation Direction Adjustment Turn the dial to change the rotation direction. Ratchet Handle Turn the knob to change the rotation direction. Torque Wrench Tighten Loosen ①: Pull the dial to unlock it. ②: Turn the dial to adjust the torque. ③: Push the dial to lock it. Torque Wrench Torque Adjustment Torque Wrench 5-25 N·m Dial Main Scale Sub-scale Torque. Another type of constant torque hinges, one-way versions, provide constant torque in only one direction while providing free-swinging motion in the other. This can be useful in applications such. Now, recall that torque changes angular momentum as expressed by [latex]\text{net }\tau=\frac{\Delta \mathbf{\text{L}}}{\Delta t}\\[/latex]. This equation means that the direction of ΔL is the same as the direction of the torque τ that creates it. This result is illustrated in Figure 2, which shows the direction of torque and the angular momentum it creates Flow direction of conventional ball valves: Bidirectional: - As a rule of thumb, the flow direction of ball valves, no matter it is designed to floating type or trunnion mounted, shall be bidirectional. In the conventional design, two identical round seats are fixed or floating on the upstream and downstream side of the ball

Torque converters are designed to maximize their torque multiplication from the impeller to the turbine in the forward direction by adopting backward swept rotating member circulating passage vanes. Unfortunately, in the reverse direction when the turbine is made to drive the impeller on transmission overrun, the exit and entry vane guide angles of the members are unsuitable for hydro-kinetic. Force : Torque : If you choose Force and select Normal, you can select faces.For a sheet metal part, the normal force on the side face is transferred to the shell edge. If you choose Force and select Selected direction, you can select faces, edges, vertices, or reference points for force.The reference points must lie within the model's boundary Magnetic Torques and Amp's Law. A magnetic field exerts a force on a straight wire carrying current; it exerts a torque on a loop of wire carrying current. Torque causes an object to spin around a fixed axis. Each loop of current has a direction associated with it: its normal vector is perpendicular to the loop, in the direction given by the. Torque Sensor Type Cobot Torque Sensor; Full Scale Range 20 - 500; Full Scale Range 15 - 400; Torque Sensor Supply Voltage 4.85 - 5.15; Output Signal ± 7372 cts; Operating Temperature Range 0 - 85; Rotation Speed Static; Force Direction Clockwise; Torque Sensor Accuracy ±.25; Zero Shift in CTR ±.5; Sensitivity Shift ±.

So Torque ( www.torquefitness.com) stepped back, took a look at its game plan and tweaked it a bit. The company will celebrate its fifth year with a huge lineup of products in 2011 with a slightly new direction, both at the lower end and with an entry into commercial selectorized stations and accompanying free-weight equipment Adds a torque to the rigidbody relative to its coordinate system. Force can be applied only to an active rigidbody. If a GameObject is inactive, AddRelativeTorque has no effect. Wakes up the Rigidbody by default. If the torque size is zero then the Rigidbody will not be woken up. See Also: AddTorque, AddRelativeForce Electric field is an energy-efficient tool that can be leveraged to control spin-orbit torques (SOTs). Although the amount of current-induced spin accumulation in a heavy metal (HM)/ferromagnet.

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Let us say, the angle between the r and F vectors is <= 180 degrees, when they are drawn from the same origin. The direction of the torque is given by the right hand rule, which gives a vector out towards the reader in this case. (Note: the torque.. The direction of the torque is given by the right-hand rule. Using your right hand, point your fingers in the direction of the first vector (r) and curl them into the direction of the second vector (F). Your thumb, sticking out, will point in the direction of the torque. The torque is zero when r and F are parallel or in opposite directions maximum when r and F are perpendicular to one. We shall discuss the magnitude first, then the direction. The photos at right show three ways of using a spanner. In the first pair, we compare a small value of r (small torque) with a large r and large τ. In the second, we compare θ = zero and θ = 90°. In the former case, the torque is zero. From experience, you know that you need large r, θ = 90° and large F to obtain the maximum. The direction of A~is perpendicular to the loop, in the direction given by the \loop RHR: curl your ngers around with the current, and your thumb points in the direction of ~. 2. The torque on the dipole is ~˝= ~ B~, where B~is the external magnetic eld. The magnitude of this torque is Bsin , where is the angle between B~and ~(that's just de nition of cross-product). 3. The direction of. If the angle of rotation θ was in the other direction, the resulting torque would act counterclockwise, and once more would right the rocket back towards the vertical position. Answer for Problem # 6 By geometric symmetry, the two reaction forces acting on point O, caused by the horizontal and vertical rope tension, produce zero resultant torque about point A. Answer for Problem # 7 The.

Torque can be defined asthe tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis and is estimated by multiplying the distance (the distance from the pivot point to the area where force is applied) and that force applied. Conversion equations and measurement units used. Any of the 3 variables from the torque formula can be computed by choosing a combination of measurement units from the list. In the tightening direction, begin to slowly apply force to the tool until the first movement in the fastener is noted. The reading recorded is a good indication of the original torque applied to the joint. This is the best way to determine residual torque. 2) Loosening Test - This is a similar process to the first movement test described above, except instead of the tightening the fastener. Following convention, we define positive rotation as being in the counter clockwise direction, therefore positive torque is counter-clockwise and negative torque is clockwise. Considering the case with an electric motor, we often say e.g. the motor drives a load of 10Nm. At steady state this means that there is a 10Nm mechanical torque that is opposing the rotation (i.e. clockwise, or negative. STO (Safe torque off) Entspricht Stoppkategorie 0 nach EN 60204-1. Die Energieversorgung zum Antrieb wird sofort unterbrochen, der Antrieb ungesteuert stillgesetzt. Der Antrieb kann nach der Abschaltung kein Drehmoment mehr erzeugen. Allerdings kann der Antrieb auch kein Bremsmoment mehr erzeugen. Die Bremsung muss durch gesonderte Maßnahmen wie eine mechanische Bremse erfolgen, damit kein.

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Torque is a vector quantity. Direction of torque: right-hand rule = r F sin points from the point of reference (rotational axis) to the location of the force. Obviously, the magnitude of a torque depends on where we assume the axis of rotation to be. F sin is the tangential component of the force. Unit of torque: N•m Definition of Torque , is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about. Torque is a vector that usually acts in a certain direction. Therefore, it is expressed in newton-meters as well. Torque can also be described as static, which means that no direction is involved in its measurement. However, static torque is also expressed in pounds-feet Torque is the name physicists give to that which causes objects to rotate; a sort of where theta is the angle between radius from pivot to force, and the direction of the force. Strictly speaking, torque is a vector quantity, which is always perpendicular to both radius and force; but for now, we'll describe torques by the direction they tend to rotate the object in question: clockwise or. Torque specifications are shown either as an exact figure, or a specific range . Follow any special instructions or multi-step directions carefully to assure correct final torque . There may be different specifications for different size bolts, bolts in different positions

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Figure 10.31 Torque is the turning or twisting effectiveness of a force, illustrated here for door rotation on its hinges (as viewed from overhead). Torque has both magnitude and direction. (a) A counterclockwise torque is produced by a force F → F → acting at a distance r from the hinges (the pivot point). (b) A smaller counterclockwise torque is produced when a smaller force F → ′ F. Since torque is a vector (acting in a certain direction), it's quantified by the units pound-feet and newton-meters. Of course, there's always an exception. In this case the distinction is. Torque is dependent on the amount of force, angle of application of force, and moment arm; Joint ROM does not always correlate with the amount of torque a muscle can create; Greatest Torque/Moment Arm) = Force applied at 90 degree angle to it's lever; Topics. Force. Newtonian Laws. Levers. Torque . Gravity. Pressure. Biomechanic Relationships — The main reason I do this blog is to share. The direction of the force is important because the translation of the object is in the same direction as the force. The product of the force and the perpendicular distance to the center of gravity for an unconfined object, or to the pivot for a confined object, is called the torque or the moment.A torque is also a vector quantity and produces a rotation in the same way that a force produces a. Torques acting on a single object cancel each other out when they have equal magnitudes and opposite directions. Torque not only applies to cars; it also enables the use of objects like locks. This negative torque reverses the direction of energy flow. Since the load torque and motor torque are in opposite direction, the combined effect will cause to reduce the speed of the motor and hence back emf (motor emf is directly proportional to the speed) falls again below the applied voltage value. Hence, both current and voltage become positive and the motor settle down to first quadrant.

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