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  1. How to Claim Your Uniswap Protocol Token (UNI) Airdrop. September 17, 2020. Uniswap's governance token, UNI, is now live. As a reward for loyal users of the Uniswap decentralized exchange, 400 UNI is being airdropped to any user who has interacted with the Uniswap smart contract before September 1st. As of writing, 400 UNI is equal to $1200 USD
  2. If you're a lucky one, head to https://app.uniswap.org/ and connect the Metamask wallet with the address you used previously on the platform. And you should see a kind of pop-up, on the right of the window, with a button Claim your UNI tokens.. Click on that button and select the gas price (GWEI) for the transaction
  3. How to get UNI airdrop: Go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap Insert the address of your wallet in the opened form and press Claim UNI. If you rely on airdrop, you will see the number of UNI tokens and they will appear on your wallet
  4. g your free UNI, check for alternative claim links from their official social channels

Uniswap Airdrop: Claim your free UNI tokens! • Coin Airdrop

  1. To claim UNI, please make sure that you are importing the correct wallet that once used for Uniswap. This airdrop is only available for historical addresses that have called Uniswap before the UNI launch. If you are already a SafePal user and used Uniswap inside the wallet before, skip this part
  2. Open the Uniswap App. You are only eligible for this airdrop if you have used Uniswap before September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am UTC. 2. Connect your ETH wallet to Uniswap. 3. If your wallet is eligible, you will see a pop-up window in the Uniswap app showing the message UNI has arrived. 4
  3. On the one hand, you can get a grant from Gitcoin or Ethereum Foundation (albeit a modest one, most likely) and on the other, you can launch a flashy ICO, or as is fashionable these days something wrapped in governance. Likewise, some people genuinely struggle with finances and may even be forced into actions like this. There were worse hacks since in this case, no money was directly stolen since those accounts were inactive. You could argue that the person could have.
  4. Guys, big airdrop from Uniswap!! If you have traded on Uniswap before Sep 1, 2020, you will get at least 400 UNI tokens for free. Claim it now in case you haven't done yet
  5. imal cost to them. Social media campaigns allow the project to become visible to people who would otherwise never recognize its existence. Airdrops can also create a vast network of users who are motivated to push a project's.
  6. If you received $UNI in the @UniswapProtocol airdrop, you also received $MIR at genesis > 9,150,000 tokens will be airdropped to UNI token holders. Only wallets with at least 100 UNI on 11/23/2020 at 00:00 UTC+0 will receive the airdrop.https://t.co/be1iVvZpnN — Jesse Walden (@jessewldn) December 7, 202
  7. Click the menu in the lower right corner and click Claim UNI Paste your ETH address and click claim your tokens You will get 400 UNI tokens; NOTE: Only for users who have created and traded on Uniswap before September 1, 2020 are eligible for the Airdrop. For more details regarding this Airdrop see this Official page

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Requirements for Uniswap Airdrop (UNI) Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Uniswap Airdrop (UNI) Uniswap is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum Uniswap is a protocol for exchanging ERC-20 tokens on Ethereu The UNI token claim is available to everyone who used the Uniswap platform before September 1, 2020, 12:00 UTC. So, if you've used Uniswap before September 1, you can claim 400 UNI tokens for free. At the time of writing, UNI is trading at $2.95 on Binance , so 400 UNI can currently be exchanged for $1,192 - not bad for an airdrop Fast forward to a few days ago, my UNI airdrop is worth more than $12K. My whole bag was worth a bit more, so being the diligent DeFi ape that I consider myself to be, I was thinking of ways to put that money to work. Sure, gains are nice, but after all, it's dormant money - I don't plan on selling UNI anytime soon because I think DeFi is just beginning. So how do I leverage my UNI to get.

Hacking Uniswap's $UNI Airdrop, This is how to get free

  1. g this airdrop requires having 100 UNI or more in one's wallet as of November 23. Those who do not meet this requirement will not receive any tokens
  2. UNISWAP $1500 Worth FREE #UNI Airdrop - How to Claim - YouTube
  3. All eligible UNI holders will be able to claim 220 MIR tokens and eligible LUNA stakers can claim their rewards on a pro-rata basis. Airdrop 1: 220 MIR for UNI holders Airdrop 2: Free MIR for LUNA stakers You can also earn more MIR by contributing to the liquidity provision for MIR/UST pairs and mAsset/UST pairs and also by staking LUNA. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this post
  4. imum wage, an American stimulus check, you see it as you wish. As an anecdote, I only used Uniswap once: August 31st for a transaction that didn't go.
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You will need gas to claim the airdrop ; You will need to send at least 1 UNI or SUSHI to claim PNG tokens; You can still claim even if you don't have any UNI or SUSHI in your wallet by buying UNI or SUSHI tokens and send it for claiming PNG tokens; Select your destination address and complete the transaction. Select I want to send funds to my address so that the UNI or SUSHI crosses the bridge into the same address you control on the Avalanche networ UNI Token. Forum. Voting Portal. Documentation. Community. Discord. Twitter. Reddit. About. Blog. Info. FAQ. Jobs. Logo & Brand. Use Uniswa

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Each token was trading at about $3 at the time of the airdrop - slightly more now - so it was a US$1,200 windfall per wallet. Go to Uniswap.org. Select the UNI tab. If you have claimable funds. If the pop-up doesn't show up, go to the settings menu (from the top right corner) and search for the UNI airdrop option there. If you do not find such option anywhere, it might be that you aren't qualified, but generally, everyone who traded on Uniswap before 1.September this year, is qualified, so it's pretty straightforward. As you click on the claim UNI option, you will. Here's how to claim your UNI Tokens in 4 easy steps: 1. Go to the Uniswap Dapp Interface. As always, double-check the url to ensure you're in the correct website. 2. Connect your Web3 Wallet. Typically, most people would use Metamask. If you need a refresher on Metamask, feel free to take a read here. 3 Airdrop Description • The total amount of UNIO is 50,000, and the amount for airdrop is 9,000. Send an ERC20 wallet address to participate in airdrop. Every participant can get 0.2 UNIO, and will be rewarded 0.2 UNIO for per each referral. Each person can invite up to 40 people, and the reward can be up to 8 UNIO Tokens

Claim 400 UNISwap Tokens. Introduction How To Claim Uniswap UNI Token Airdrop Upto $2000. The market-leading liquidity provisions decentralized platform launched their native governance token called Uniswap UNI for building the global financial trading and crypto-assets swapping platform as a minimum trust environment to maintain the decentralization by following the vision of ethereum and. UNI airdrops are taxed as ordinary income. Per IRS rules impacting DeFi taxes, tokens received are rewards that are taxable at the time you gain control. This is based on the T Going with the doctrine of dominion of control, which explains that, you have to report ordinary income based on the value at the time you get full control over (ability to send and sell) the tokens. In simple terms. Open the Uniswap App. You are only eligible for this airdrop if you have used Uniswap before September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am UTC. 2. Connect your ETH wallet to Uniswap. 3. If your wallet is eligible, you will see a pop-up window in the Uniswap app showing the message UNI has arrived. 4. Click on Claim your tokens and finalize the claim Click here - to use the wp menu builder; Sign in. Welcome! Log into your accoun

YBross Finance Airdrop (YBF & UNI) - Claim YBF & UNI

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Since this question is being asked a lot, if your address in ineligible to receive the 400 UNI airdrop, then you didn't meet the requirement. The requirement was simple: The snapshot for this airdrop was held on September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am UTC. Anyone who hasn't used Uniswap before this snapshot is not eligible for the airdrop. How to claim the UNI You can easily claim your UNI tokens. Invite new users who have not joined UNIS airdrop but participated in LATOKEN airdrops before and get 20 UNIS tokens. 7. Invite users and Top-3 inviters will get a share of 3500 UNIS tokens along with a referral bonus. 8. All referrals must complete airdrop tasks and pass KYC tier 2 or higher otherwise the referrals will not be counted. Important: Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants must.

UNI's Airdrop with a Face Value of $12K. As a result of the platform's growth, as well as the fact that the entire market exploded over the past 12 months, UNI is now worth around $30 at the time of this writing. UNI/USD, Gemini. Source: TradingView. In other words, those who held their airdrop tokens would be able to cash in a whopping $12,000 that came for free. It's also worth noting. Ticker: UNI Tokens per airdrop: 1050 + 250 . WOW, such value! Platform: EOS Publish date: June 30, 2018 . DONE Check/uncheck this airdrop as DONE. How to get UNICO airdrop: Download the UNICO app; Submit your details and register; Verify your mail (+300 UNI) Click on Bounty from the the app. Select any network from the dropdown list; Chat with this Telegram bot; Join Telegram group.. A total of $1,000,000 UNI & FT tokens will be shared. Estimated Value: $18. Tokens Per Airdrop: 60 entries (~$3 UNI + $15 FT) Tokens Per Referral: 20 entries. Platform: ETH. GET WALLET. Description. The Skyrim Network project is dedicated to building a Data Asset Network of Distributed Ledgers. The project aims to provide a scalable and. Introducing UNI. UNI, the Uniswap Protocol token, is live! 60% of the UNI genesis supply is allocated to Uniswap community members, a quarter of which (15% of total supply) has already been distributed to past users. To start, UNI is available through four liquidity mining pools: UNI holders may vote to add more pools after an initial 30-day.

3. Tap the AirDrop user or icon. In the top row, you should see contacts that have AirDrop enabled. If you don't see the person you want to AirDrop your file to, tap the AirDrop icon in the second row. After you tap the icon, you'll see a list of people that aren't in your contacts as well as people who are You can get the free 600+ 1INCH worth of current price ~$1.90 = $1500 second-biggest historic airdrop, So you should claim and sell as soon as possible to grab the maximum price returns, price drops due to people selling the high volume of Airdrop tokens. 1INCH Current Price. Requirements to Claim Rewar How Can You Get UNIO Tokens? The total supply of UNIO is 50,000, out of which 9,000 tokens are for airdrop, 30,000 for presale, 10,000 UNIO tokens for liquidity mining, and 1,000 UNIO tokens donated to the UNI technical team for support. Currently, UNIO tokens can be obtained via airdrop and presale. UNIO Airdrop. 9,000 UNIO tokens would be.

Step-by-Step Guide UniDAX Airdrop. Go to the UniDAX Airdrop page.; Scroll down to scan QR code with your mobile phone to open a link. For example: you can scan it with Barcode scanner for Android.; Register for an account to get 30 UNX and complete KYC to get additional 60 UNX.; Login in your account and finish various tasks in 'Get UNX' page to earn more UNX The latest Tweets from Uniswap (UNI) Airdrop (@UNI__GIVEAWAY). New Uniswap Giveaway! Get free UNI https://t.co/NK3kWmzFN The easiest way to get your UNI tokens. Tiernan Sep 17, 2020. On 17th September Uniswap, the hugely popular decentralised exchange, released UNI, the Uniswap Protocol token. Here's how to claim your UNI tokens from Argent. Argent is the easiest way to add liquidity to Uniswap, while also letting you exchange through the Uniswap interface via WalletConnect. About the UNI token. Uniswap's. UNI Token. Forum. Voting Portal. Documentation. Community. Discord. Twitter. Reddit. About. Blog. Info. FAQ. Jobs. Logo & Brand. Use Uniswap. Decentralized Trading Protocol Learn about Uniswap V3 ↗ Guaranteed liquidity for millions of users and hundreds of Ethereum applications. Use Uniswap Documentation FAQ. $100B + All Time Volume. 72K + Liquidity Providers. 29M + All Time Trades. 200.

Many took to social media to praise UNI's initial airdrop. A minimum of 400 UNI was airdropped to everyone who used Uniswap prior to September. Some called it stimulus for Ethereum users. UNI Airdrop is Income. UNI tokens that you claimed from the Uniswap airdrop are treated as income. This means that you are liable for income taxes on the USD value of the claimed airdrop. The IRS is clear in its guidance regarding the income treatment of airdrops. Example: John was trading on Uniswap in July 2020 and realizes he can claim 400 UNI tokens with the airdrop. At the time of. #Uniswap #v3 #airdrop #xdai #ethereum #eth #bitcoin #btc #defi #crypto #cryptocurrency #hodl #altcoins #blockchain #chico #altcoin **Disclaimer** Please be advised that I own a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency as I wish to remain transparent and impartial to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the content of my media are intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not. UniWorld Airdrop new Society 5.0 needs equally new and fitting business concepts and technology that is built for it. We obtain, develop and improve cutting edge tech for a new generation fir for the age of AI and Blockchain. We realize solutions where fine craftsmanship meets easy-to-use products both all in one and hyper custom. A Platform fit for the next step. Uniworld is an inclusive AI.

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Another popular way is via exchanges, where you hold certain token to get free airdrop of new tokens. Conclusion: Stay Updated & Stay Safe. With the popularity index of cryptocurrencies rising every day, the scams surrounding it are growing too. That is why if you find scams around cryptocurrency airdrops, don't get surprised or fall for it You will get 300 Points which can be expected to be a big amount. Just wait, you will be able to convert it to BTC ETH TRX in your wallet. Free money same as Uni-coins today. P.S. We've tested it and verified. TRON LINK Giveaway is real UniFarm is a one of a kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well On your iPhone XS or earlier, iPad, or iPod touch. Open an app, then tap Share or the Share button . If you share a photo from the Photos app, you can swipe left or right and select multiple photos. Tap the AirDrop button. Tap the AirDrop user that you want to share with. Or you can use AirDrop between your own Apple devices

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In addition to beautiful scenarios, the money you get with AirDrop may not gain value at all or even enter the stock market. But in real terms, this situation may not be described as a loss either. In other words, it can be considered as continuing to be something that is not yours anyway. Although it depends on how you look at it, the worst you will experience with AirDrop will not go further. It's too late now to get your hands on a free Punk, but don't miss out on todays NFT airdrops. Some Leading NFT Airdrops. NFT airdrops are generally time-bound events. Over time, there have been several massive airdrops, including Uniswap's UNI token airdrop. However, in this article, we're not dealing with NFT airdrops from the past. However, to earn the same 400 UNI provided in the airdrop, a sizable amount of liquidity would need to be provided. So, the fortunate airdrop recipients are in a much better position than someone just starting as an LP. 1 billion UNI is not the max, however. After four years, 2% inflation kicks in which ensures governance participants get rewarded. By staking and voting, users will get a share. Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants must complete the tasks faster to increase their chances to get a reward. UNX airdrop ends when airdrop reward tokens will be finished. New users must apply for KYC within 72 hours of the airdrop finished date. Tokens will be distributed on the 5th day of the finish date and take up to two weeks Get free UNI added to your ERC-20 wallet for free with this UNI airdrop. UNI Airdrop - join through their Telegram Bot. Must join telegrams & follow on twitter. .5 for each referral. Faceboo

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How do I get Uniswap airdrop? Barbera Delenick asked, updated on December 28th, 2020; Topic: uniswap airdrop. 316 7 ★★★★☆4.8. Step-by-Step Guide: Visit the Uniswap app. Connect your ETH wallet. If your wallet is eligible you will see an UNI has arrived popup in the Uniswap app. Click on Claim your tokens and finalize your claim. Follow this link for full answer. You'll need to visit PNG Airdrop page, connect your wallet holding UNI/SUSHI and you shall know the claimable amount. Repeat it for other ETH accounts if you have more than one. Repeat it for other ETH accounts if you have more than one Uni Rhamph NFT Airdrop! Updated: Feb 27. Breaking news from the Illuvium Discord! The newest airdrop has just been announced for the Illuvium community. The prize? Ten rare holo UniRhamph NFTs. From Kieran Warwick (co-founder) Our second NFT drop is here! Unfortunately, Uniswap didn't want to play ball, so this one is purely an ILV competition now! See below on how to double your chances.

#Uniswap #V3 #Airdrop #nft #art #uni #ethereum #eth #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #btc #chico #hodl #invest **Disclaimer** Please be advised that I own a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency as I wish to remain transparent and impartial to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the content of my media are intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not financial advice. The. UNI Token Airdrop in 2020 . On September 16t, 2020, Uniswap airdropped UNI tokens to early adopters of the platform. Nearly 150,000 addresses have claimed UNI tokens so far. Airdrops are taxed as ordinary income on Schedule 1, line 8, according to the IRS rules. Gas Fees Come With Tax Benefits . Gas fees can reduce your crypto taxes if tracked and reported correctly. Gas fees paid on sales.

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Pangolin has provided a guide for UNI and SUSHI owners to claim PNG tokens. Before tokens can be claimed, one must transfer 1 UNI or SUSHI token from one's Ethereum wallet to the Avalanche blockchain using the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge. Here is where things get a little complicated The top-ranked decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap has come closer to its second governance 5 million airdrop. On this second-ever governance proposal, the Uniswap community is continuously voting. This latest governance proposal will see the distribution of more than 5 million UNI tokens among users. Flare to launch XRP Utility Fork in December and crypto investors [ The UNI airdrop precedes a liquidity mining campaign set to go live Sept. 18 at 12:00am UTC. Of the 1B total genesis supply, 5M UNI will be allocated to the USDT, USDC, DAI and WBTC pools over the next two months. Users can provide liquidity and stake their positions via the new UNI mining dashboard to earn a pro-rata claim of the 54 UNI allocated to each pool per block. A community treasury. Take advantage of the Spark token airdrop with every XRP that you hold in your Ledger hardware wallet. Read on to learn how. A white paper dated 27th August 2020 was published by Flare Networks, detailing how smart contracts can be run without relying on economic safety mechanisms.. Briefly, the Flare Network leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and enables the distributed network to.

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Uniswap's September 2020 UNI token launch included an airdrop of 400 UNI tokens to any ETH address that had completed a transaction on the network before September 1st of that year. Additionally, some users received more tokens based on the amount of liquidity they provided to the Uniswap protocol. What Makes Uniswap Unique? One of the more unique things about Uniswap is the fact that the. Early Users Reap Airdrops. Thousands of crypto users received an unexpected gift on Christmas Day when the 1inch DEX aggregator airdropped a supply of tokens to its early supporters. Uniswap pulled a similar move back in September; the 400 UNI tokens its users received initially traded at $1,200. Today, they're worth over $2,000. Uniswap and 1inch won't be the last DeFi protocols to launch. After the UNI airdrop this morning, Gwei fees almost tripled in a matter of hours following a rush where investors claimed their rewards. Apart from high fees, the event also led to high network congestion where users had to wait more than hours to transfer rewards to other wallets. If traders, investors, and farmers would all jump onto the Uniswap bandwagon now, it would have a severe. After claiming your airdrop you could send your AVAX and UNI/SUSHI from C-chain to X-chain address and then withdraw it to an exchange without the need to pay expensive bridge fees. Seventeen Step. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this page or check this extremely detailed tutorial on Reddit. Follow this tutorial to set up your Metamask for Avalanche. Trades Quickly and Cheaply. How to join Xpool testnet to get reward from Airdrop campaign. Step 1: Open Meta Mask on Google extension and swap your network on Meta Mask to BSC testnet. You can follow our instruction below: In the Settings section, choose [Network] then enter [Add Network]. To connect with BSC testnet, you need to fulfil this form below

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The first deposits we receive will get the biggest airdrop rate. It all depends on how soon you deposit after we announce an airdrop. Be alert, and you'll get a greater chance for a more rewarding airdrop. Receive Rewards Over 2 Months. Rewards from this activity will be split into thirds and distributed to participants over 2 months. Users will only receive a third of their rewards earned. Uniswap re-ignited the cryptocurrency airdrop sensation when they surprise launched their UNI tokens to compete with Sushiswap and their SUSHI tokens that were stealing a ton of their decentralized exchanges' liquidity. 1inch decentralized exchange aggregator has had two HUGE crypto airdrops and their 1inch tokens have skyrocketed in value making early crypto investors in DeFi potentially. Crypto trader and analyst Tyler Swope is naming two free crypto airdrops that he says could be bigger than Uniswap's massive UNI handout in September. In a new video, Swope tells his 191,000 YouTube subscribers to prepare for possible airdrops from ETH-backed RAI from Reflexer Labs and their ungovernance token FLX Speaking simply, UNI holders have more say in voting the more tokens they own or deposit into a proposal. One of the most closely watched initiatives this fall was the proposal of a retroactive airdrop for the users who used Uniswap indirectly. Dharma and Metamask users, for example, did not get their 400 UNI

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When you sell the airdrop, the cost basis is the market value at the time of receiving the airdrop reward. However if you did something to earn the airdrop, then the HMRC considers this miscellaneous income for tax purposes. It is unclear exactly where this border lies, but for example, if you received UNI for trading on Uniswap, then this could potentially be classified income, since. UNI Airdrop is Income UNI tokens that you claimed from the Uniswap airdrop are treated as income. This means that you are liable for income taxes on the USD value of the claimed airdrop. The IRS is clear in its guidance regarding the income treatment of airdrops Get ready for the Uniswap Aidrop! Watch this video to claim £1000 to £6000Whether you are using Coinbase, or crypto.com or Binance.

How to claim your free 400 Uniswap UNI tokens airdrop https:// youtu.be/IN6a1c8iV-E #dontgetrekt #crypto #airdrop #uniswap #uni #unitoken #freeuni #uniairdrop #cryptoairdrop #cryptoairdrops #ethereum #erc20 #defi #decentralizedexchang UNI tokens are available for purchase in a few decentralized and centralized exchanges. In the past, one way to obtain free UNI would be through liquidity mining but the incentive ended on 17th November 2020. There are currently no known ways of obtaining free UNI tokens, hence any kind of airdrop promoted online would most likely be a scam Listing UNI on Anyswap Sep. 18th Airdrop to UNI holders. We are extremely excited to announce the listing of Uniswap's new UNI token. We will open UNI/FSN and UNI/BNB pairs for trading starting from Sep 18th at 12:00 PM GMT. As a sign of appreciation for Uniswap's contribution to the DeFi ecosystem with its vibrant community, Anyswap will. Uniswap Interface. Swap Pool Vote Charts ↗. Connect to a wallet. Swap

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These 3 incoming Ethereum DeFi airdrops will be the biggest in history. By Steven Msoh 7. December 2020. A popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed the 3 incoming airdrops that he believes investors must keep an eye on. The three - dYdX, Honey Badger and Sora Network - could be the biggest airdrops in history Exclusive airdrops: Suppose you are a loyal member of a particular project, website, club, etc. You may qualify for exclusive airdrops which everyone else may not. As the name suggests, this airdrop is reserved exclusively for a specific community. Uniswap for example rewarded loyal users In September 2020 with 2500 UNI tokens. Which on the day. Der Token ist inflationär und wurde ursprünglich durch einen Airdrop verteilt, der jeden, der die Börse vor dem 1. September 2020 genutzt hat, rückwirkend mit UNI-Tokens belohnte. Nach dem ursprünglichen Airdrop wurden zusätzliche Token durch ein Liquiditäts-Mining-Programm verteilt, das am 17. November 2020 auslief. Nach diesem. The UNI token's primary purpose is to allow holders to vote for different proposals and enhancements to further improve the platform's development. Not only it increases the public confidence in the Uniswap protocol, but it also provides a better safeguarding concept to the users' treasury. We're thrilled to announce that UNI, the Uniswap Protocol governance token, is live now on. Another project that could launch a big airdrop according to Swope is FURUCOMBO. This is basically a combination protocol so you can do a lot of things all in one step: pick a DeFi action, Uniswap (UNI), and then you can pick more. Add Compound (COMP). Basically, it's a drag and drop. There's a possibility that FURUCOMBO could be coming out with a token as well. The crypto influence.

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AirDrop is more than just a novelty feature, and most of us need to make the most of it on a daily basis. The issue where AirDrop doesn't detect devices, or file sharing suddenly fails is not one that you can overlook. With the fixes highlighted above, you should be able to easily get AirDrop us and running in no time Airdrops & Rewards. In addition to the launch of our mainnet and flash loans, we have also included an 'airdrop' function. This function allows teams that want to acquire more traction the option of airdropping tokens to stakers on UniLend. There's a chance that once the platform reaches a certain amount of liquidity, UniLend may airdrop. YK Solution TV. VidRise makes YouTube stand out on social feeds!. 0 VidRise Redirection

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